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 Post subject: Fresh Meat
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Hi, hi, hi there.

I used to be fairly active among fan communities online, that took a bit of a backseat for the past year so I figured I'd get back in touch with forums and whatnot. Anyway, I'll try not to bore you fine folk for too long.

My name is Jozef (pronounced Joseph, just spelled differently thanks to heritage) but you guys can feel free to call me Joe on a more personal note or just by my username, either way is fine. I've been a fan of the Silent Hill series since 1999, way back when the first game came out. It was such fun crapping myself at a young age. You guys can see where I live from the location section underneath my name. My mug is in the picture thread. I have a PS3, my PSN will be posted in the relevant thread. Despite my signature, I am not religious, I just like the quote and the character it comes from (sue me :lol:).

I'm a film and screenwriting student and I plan to write my university dissertation on Silent Hill 2 this year, yeah, they're letting us choose a videogame if we wish and I really couldn't pass up the opportunity of writing it on my favourite game of all time.

Hmm, I'll try and think of a few things that will hopefully make me stand out a bit among the community...

- I like Silent Hill 4: The Room
- I've played Silent Hill: The Arcade
- I think that Silent Hill: Downpour is the best entry since Silent Hill 3 (personal opinion, don't lynch me).
- Maria is my favourite character in the series.

So yeah, I don't want to bore you more than I probably have. I'm generally laid back and easy to talk to, so feel free to fire a PM or whatever, I always enjoy meeting like minded people to talk to and whatnot.

The above paragraph sounds way too much like a dating site.

That's it! Bye!

Don't touch that dial now, we're just getting started...

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