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 Post subject: A reintroduction and apology.
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It's been incredibly long since I've posted on this forum, much less logged back into this account.

I don't know if this is necessary, but I want to apologize for making this account while I was but a 'tween, almost ten years ago. At one point I even posted a photo of myself on the selfie thread and literally everybody caught that I was underage. Cue one of the most embarrassing—and for some reason, scary—moments of my internet life. I don't know how I wasn't banned... I even made another fake account after that just in case!

So my apologies for that... I guess I was scared because I truly loved this forum (still do) with all my heart, and I'm happy and grateful I've checked up on this place for so long. I see how many users have changed, left, or grown, and it's wonderful and heartwarming. I have so many incredibly happy memories of Silent Hill Forum and Silent Hill Heaven, like how I used to go with my mom to the public library and would log on to the original (frightening) design this place once had, my mom wondering what the fuck I was doing staring at a bleeding mouth all day, while I lamented that I couldn't register because I wasn't of age.

I have all of you to thank (and this sounds weird) for providing this supportive, friendly space and for honing me to become a better writer of sorts, and also helping to develop my intellectual curiosity into psychology/symbolism/all sorts of things. So much of my interests and personality has been informed by this website. I wouldn't be the person I wasn't today if I hadn't spent hours each day reading theories, chatting with folks, and just learning.

Just wow, it's been a long ride. I'm now entering my last year of university as an ethnic studies major with minors in human sexuality and LGBT studies. Also preparing for graduate school. From time to time I visit this forum and get flooded with the most lovely, nostalgic feelings.

Glad to be back. Life is amazing, isn't it? :)


Historical Society Historian
 Post subject: Re: A reintroduction and apology.
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Oh man, were you not allowed to be on this forum underage? Because I was DEFINITELY 14 when I joined. Whoops!
Welcome back. I miss this place too! It's nice to come back every now and then. Some day I'll type silenthillforum in the address bar and it'll be gone, and I'll be sad. 'Til then, it's good to pop in!

*screams internally*

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