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 Post subject: Silent Hill Town Centre Guidelines and how to get started

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As of late there have been a lot of people posting in this section. That is by all means fine, but there are a few things that need to be straightened out.

Be creative-All new people post threads to be welcomed, of course, but make your welcomes a little different. Seeing people say "welcome", "Hey", "Welcome!" gets a little old. So, change your welcomes up a bit. This includes all welcome threads Saying the same thing over and over again is not only annoying, but an obvious way to increase cash and post count - which is what we mods are trying to stop. You have to earn those things, not automatically gain it by putting the right-click button, select all and paste options to good use. We view this as common sense.

Be Friendly-Though this really isn't a problem. Remember...we were all new at one time or another.

Be helpful- New members are, of course going to have questions from time to time. Help
them out with avatar questions, signature questions, what have you. Linking topics already created is always nice.

Set a good example-New members are going to be reading your posts, so remember not to double post, spam, flame, you know the drill. This will help keep new members informed.

New Members-Please read this forum's guidelines at the top of this section. This way you will know what's going on. Which will lead to a better Silent Hill Heaven Forum experience. :)

Should I really make a post??-I've noticed a few people have been posting welcomes in threads that were created way before they even registered. If someone's been around longer than you, why would you welcome them? Keep the welcomes for the new members (or if an old member is just coming back from the hack). Posting in really old threads makes you look like you're just doing it for the SH cash. :( Posts made in older sections that are pointless will be removed. You really shouldn't ever have your name going down the entire page saying the last person to comment on 40 different welcome threads was you, that looks a little fishy, and may result in some of your posts being removed. Don't worry, we will use good judgement.

Going away for awhile/forever? Coming back threads. While we do care that you are leaving for awhile or forever making a thread telling us that you are leaving isn't really needed. You can always just add a comment on your signature telling us so. Or, PM those who you talk to letting them know you will be gone. Also, if you are returning it isn't necessary to make a thread. Just post around the forum and we'll get the hint that you're back. The town center is for NEW members not old ones returning.

If you have any questions please contact any Mod. or Admin. via PM, whether you are new or old, we are here for you. :D

New here and can't think of what to say for your introduction?
You can use this as a template. You are encouraged to add anything you'd like, since this is, of course, about you.

Favourite Movie:
Favourite Artist/Group:
Favourite Silent Hill Game:

Copy and paste this code.
[b]Favourite Movie:[/b]
[b]Favourite Artist/Group:[/b]
[b]Favourite Silent Hill Game:[/b]

Fill in all of the information after each of the bold tags.

Goodluck, and welcome to the forums!
Credit goes to Toresson, for the survey. Thanks. :]

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