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Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)
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Author:  Space Monkey [ 02 Nov 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)


Author:  thy_butcher [ 04 Nov 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite SH game - The standard pick, SH2. It has an atmosphere that I feel is unmatched in any of the other games.

Favorite SH soundtrack - Heaven's Night by a long shot. That's not to say that the other soundtracks aren't ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL, because they are, but Heaven's Night in particular nails it. I prefer instrumental music, and this is nothing but top-notch instrumental tracks that spans a nice range of styles. The feeling it gives is consistent though... cold... lonely... lost... unbearable sorrow... can't cry anymore... no one's there to help...
It has loud moments. It has quiet moments. It is even a bit funky on some tracks, and of course it's unnerving.

Favorite Protagonist - I guess I'll say Murphy Pendleton from Downpour, just because I think he's the most emotive and I can really get behind his motives and struggle.

Favorite Supporting Character - It took a while to nail this one. There are heaps of great supporting characters. Eileen and Cybil immediately come to mind, but in all honesty, Dr. K from Shattered Memories is killer. His voice, his mannerisms, his attitude. He's my favorite supporting character by far, and I'll even go so far as to say he's my favorite SH character of all. No kidding.

Favorite Enemy - The Lying Figure from SH2. They are what I think of first when I imagine the creatures that SH has shown us. The noises they make and the way they move (both while standing and crawling on the ground) make them horrifying. They are so disfigured and alien with enough of a human-element to make them disturbing and not goofy.

Favorite Boss - The Lizard from SH1. That whole fight really gets to me.
The burning body that lights the metal arena and the nerve-wrecking music combined with the otherworldly Lizard make it a really special experience. Those legs... those jaws... the saliva... the muddied features of it's body. It's almost like a human crossed with a Lizard when you look at its "hands" and its lack of a tail (or is it a stub?). Definitely an unforgettable boss.

Favorite Location - Too difficult. Truly.

Favorite Cutscene - Definitely the opening of SH2. I'm counting the bathroom combined with James looking out over the lake and Mary's Letter is read and James reflects on what it means and what lies ahead. It has great scenery, pacing, and music.

Favorite Coverart - PAL version of SH4.

Author:  Jezebel in Hell [ 08 Jan 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill 2. This was the first game that I encountered that transcended from a "game" to art.

Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: Homecoming.

Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Origins. This score is the most varied, while still being cohesive. There are also some unforgettable, haunting tracks such as "O.T.R" and "Real Solution."

Favorite Main Protagonist: Maria.

Favorite Main Antagonist: ...Maria.

Favorite Supporting Character: James.

Favorite Monster/Enemy: Red Pyramid Thing, Valtiel, Sewer Monster

Scariest Monster/Enemy: Twin Victims, Slurpers

Favorite Weapon: Pipe.

Favorite Location/Room: Borley's Haunted Mansion, Neeley's Bar, The Basement's Basement

Favorite Cutscene: Fairy Tale Monster from Silent Hill 3, or the horse circling the gallows.

Favorite Quote: "Huh. Radio. What's going on with that radio?"

Author:  dias17se [ 05 Jul 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: SH2, unique visuals, story and game.

Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: , i dont accept book of memories as a SH , suck it Tomm Hulett !

Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Homecoming.

Favorite Main Protagonist: Alex.

Favorite Main Antagonist: Mayor Bartlett. Sees the town rotting and doesn´t do jack shit ^^

Favorite Supporting Character: Wheeler.

Favorite Monster/Enemy: Thingies that monkey bar below you in sh2

Scariest Monster/Enemy: Pyramid Head in sh2

Favorite Weapon: Hunting rifle

Favorite Location/Room: SH2 town, big area to explore.

Favorite Cutscene: Vincent saying "They looked like monsters to you ??" Shocking confusing scene, possibly still unresolved today.

Favorite Quote: "Dead? Shiit" by Wheeler, token black guy

Author:  KennyPowrez [ 09 Sep 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill 2
Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: IDK
Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Silent Hill 2
Favorite Main Protagonist: James Sunderland
Favorite Main Antagonist:
[Reveal] Spoiler:
James Sunderland

Favorite Supporting Character: Lisa Garland
Favorite Monster/Enemy: Nurses (SH2)
Scariest Monster/Enemy: Pendulum (SH3)
Favorite Weapon: Emergency Hammer (SH)
Favorite Location/Room: Brookhaven Hospital (SH2)
Favorite Cutscene: Otherworld Transition (SH2)
Favorite Quote: I'm not crazy, at least I don't think so.

Author:  KennyPowrez [ 29 Nov 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

^ Least Favorite SH game: Silent Hill 3. I don't like rehash games and Heather was a wasted character in a game that had nothing new to offer for the series, execpt for bleeding walls I guess.

Author:  Tabris [ 02 Dec 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill 2

This is the one that started it all for me and was the catalyst for much in my life

Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: Homecoming

While I do love this game and feel where it does well, it does really well, where it's flawed, there were really no excuses for it to be flawed. Some of the end points realllly pissed me off as a fan

Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Silent Hill 4

I love every OST and there's damn near not a day that has gone by where I haven't listened to Akira's music since probably 2001 (I've even said this to him in person~), this one stands out to me as the easiest to listen to. It's a weird combination of chill atmosphere and creepy. Plus it has Wounded Warsong and Room of Angel.

Favorite Main Protagonist: Heather Mason

I love/like most of the main characters but she stands out to me as the one with the most personality. Plus I dig her punky attitude.

Favorite Main Antagonist: Alessa

While she's not really a true antagonist when it comes to the broad scheme of things I always adored her in a sympathetic fashion. She's able to create an evil world that is rarely rivaled, so respect to that hah.

Favorite Supporting Character: Vincent

Charismatic and a manipulative asshole. Really wish this guy somehow had more stage time because he was really interesting. He had a really bizarre interest in the otherworld hah. Most fascinating indeed~

Favorite Monster/Enemy: Scarlet

If Homecoming did one damn thing right in my eyes it was the Hell Descent with Scarlet as the boss. The music, setting and how she breaks apart was so fucking eerie.

Scariest Monster/Enemy: Pendulum

Creepy as hell in design, the noises they make and how excessively and frustratingly annoying they are to take down.

Favorite Weapon: Emergency Hammer in SH1 and Pistol in Homecoming

Hammer because it's the ultimate get shit done weapon in SH1 and the Pistol in HC because I get a sick amusement in shooting things in the head in that game. Especially the cult bastards since they shouldn't even be in the game!

Favorite Location/Room: Otherworld Brookhaven, SH3 / Mirrorroom

Otherworld Brookhaven is by far the scariest environment in the series to me for so many reasons. The mirror room by far being one of them. Everything about that place is fuck this shit. Incredibly cool and I loved to torment my friends minds with that place. Silent Hill has so many cool environments but this place stands far above them all.

Favorite Cutscene: When they travel to Silent Hill in SH3

Emotional, was incredibly good looking for its time, it explained a lot about SH1, the music was beautiful and it was a nice time to breathe after so much happened in the game. One of the more impactful scenes in the series for me.

Favorite Quote: They look like monsters to you?

A cliche favorite but it was so well executed, it made you as a gamer question what the hell you've done in these games. Then it's impossible to tell if that asshole was even serious or not. Another reason Vincent is my favorite supporting character!

Author:  Celephais [ 19 Jan 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill 2
Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: Downpour
Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Silent Hill: Origins
Favorite Main Protagonist: James Sunderland
Favorite Main Antagonist: Walter Sullivan
Favorite Supporting Character: Eddie Dombrowski
Favorite Monster/Enemy: Night Flutter
Scariest Monster/Enemy: Pyramid Head
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Favorite Location/Room: Wood Side Apartments
Favorite Cutscene: Eddie boss battle
Favorite Quote: Huh... radio. What's going on with that radio?

Author:  Xuchilbara93 [ 12 Feb 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill 2. First played it when I was 14, and have since come to embrace it for its existential and psychological themes. Still play it — along with 3 and 4 — today.
Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: Silent Hill: Homecoming. In my opinion, it shouldn't even be called a Silent Hill game. Misses the point of what the series is about.
Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: That would have to be a tie between 2 and 4.
Favorite Main Protagonist: James Sunderland. A morally complex, but still likable character.
Favorite Main Antagonist: Claudia Wolf. Her history and motivations give her a few sympathy points in my book, even if she's delusional.
Favorite Supporting Character: Angela Orosco. She has a depressing backstory, and her scenes in the apartment and the hotel are some of the most beautiful not only in the game, but in video game history.
Favorite Monster/Enemy: Valtiel. He never really does anything worth noting, but he still manages to be one of the most interesting in the series.
Scariest Monster/Enemy: I would say Valtiel, again.
Favorite Weapon: The katana! Or maybe the rusty axe.
Favorite Location/Room: Wood Side Apartments. Ah, the nostalgia!
Favorite Cutscene: The aforementioned hotel sequence with Angela.
Favorite Quote: "I was weak ... that's why I needed you. I needed somebody to punish me for my sins. But that's all over now. I know the truth. Now it's time to end this."

Author:  Jonipoon [ 12 Feb 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Silent Hill EVERYTHING! (caution: spoilers)

Figured I'd do a new list since the last time I made one in this thread was in 2008.

Favorite Silent Hill game: The first one. It's just so darn amazing, and I love immersing myself into its story surrounding Alessa, the cult, and the town. It started it all, and created this massive world of lore and characters.

Least Favorite Silent Hill Game: Homecoming. It basically peed on Silent Hill, on so many levels.

Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: The soundtrack for Silent Hill 4 is probably my favorite since it manages to be so melancholic and bizarre while still being more than just eerie sounds. It's actually quite jazzy at times, and that's what adds to the otherworldly feeling. However, my favorite song will always be "End Of Small Sanctuary" from Silent Hill 3 - simply because of that amazing guitar riff. I could listen to it forever.

Favorite Main Protagonist: It's a tough one. I've always said Harry or Henry in the past, simply because I love them both for being ordinary average joe's with no traumatic past who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it's so much fun playing as Heather, so I think I can't make up my mind.

Favorite Main Antagonist: Walter Sullivan. He is the reason why the story of the fourth game is so incredibly amazing, and probably the best in the entire series.

Favorite Supporting Character: Mary. I never liked Maria, but every time I play through Silent Hill 2 I just feel so much for Mary. She's a very strong character with a devastating story. She's the reason why the game makes you cry so much at the end. The whole game is built around James's feelings for her.

Favorite Monster/Enemy: Pyramid Head, and I actually hate myself for saying this since it's such a boring answer. But when I say this I mean the PH from Silent Hill 2 and not any of the others.

Scariest Monster/Enemy: Twin victims "Doublehead" from Silent Hill 4. I mean sheez, they're absolutely terrifying. The way they stand still and point on you, and then seconds later rush in full speed towards you - that's terror right there.

Favorite Weapon: The katana, from both the first and third game.

Favorite Location/Room: Joseph's room 302 of the past. It has a very heartwarming, safe-haven-like feeling to it.

Favorite Cutscene: Harry walking out of the car in the first game. The feels... the first time we saw someone enter Silent Hill. That's why I love this scene, it's so epic.

Favorite Quote: "What's this?" said about 100 times by Harry.

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