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 Post subject: SH General Discussion Quicklinks (READ PRIOR TO NEW TOPICS)
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Alright, let's get this started....

"The Me Here & Now That Sought Life. . ." by Krist.
Silent Hill + Apocalypse + Nuclear Culture by MisterGrey
Silent Hill + Knight's Templar? by Abdiel
God of Imagination by amphreded
Echoes & Memories by Krist.
The Darkness of the Heart which Binds Minds Together by AuraTwilight

SH References & Influences by amphreded
SH Timeline by the Adversary/St. Thomas/00000/Supreme Mugwump
Where can I find a copy of SH? by The 8th Aspect
Character Connexions & Symbols by Naomi
Which game do I start with?!

What the Hell's Goin' On? (Questions about Canon)
End of the Order?
Fukuro Ladywha?
Which SH character needs electro-shock treatment the most? DIBS ON DAHLIA!
Game with Easiest Monsters
Which monsters made you so mad you decided to make a post about them?
SH2 > SH3
Impossible Physical Spaces
God in the Series | Will God bring Salvation?
Good & Evil in SH
Douglas' Investigation
Which character GOT ESCAPE'd from SH?
Bust out the Kleenex: most touching moment?
Eff the Oh(rder)
Which SH game had the hardest-to-obtain ending?
Religious Pantheon in SH
Ashes to ashes, Blood to Rust theme?
Is it better to have a bad mom or no mom at all?
Real religion in SH?
Creepiest Boss?
Best quote in SH
References to Mayans and Aztecs in SH rituals
Two Worlds or Three?
Least favourite SH character?
SH all in the mind?
Towns surrounding SH
Why doesn't anyone do anything about SH?
How much juice is left in SH's caboose?
What happened to the SH residents?
Mark of Samael? No, Seal of Metatron
SH4 & RE4 = same tune (so if you like RE4 and rag on SH4, there's something wrong)
Why does Robbie matter?
Sirens in SH
The Plague in SH
Do people actually die in SH?
Metatron & Samael?

Chattin' with TS
Interview with Masashi Tsuboyama
That Akira guy talks about that SH5 game
Creators say SH4 was ALWAYS a SH game. Suck it, naysayers.
IGN talks with Yamaoka

SH Media
Guitar Tabs, for you Heroes out there
Voice Actors
Silent Hill Model Kits
SH Online -- could it work?
SH2 cutscenes actually NICER than SH3?
The Comics
SH sheet music
Fan-written SH novels

Who/What/Where/When/Why? (Put yourself in various SH situs)
How would you handle SH?
Why would you want to live in SH?
This really grinds my gears. . . (what bugs you about SH?)
My pants will never be the same again! (What scared you?)
LULZ moments in SH
If you had to take away one game from the series. . .
Which game made you seek Dr. Phil's medical brilliance?
Life-Size SH-characters? Sign me up!
Why the hell do we love this game?
Ever have a SH-based dream?
What would you do without a weapon?
What order did you play the games?
What would your SH monsters be?
Your difficulty mode when you played the games
When did your love of SH begin?
Real-life SHesque locations?
I screw the dead. Am I goth? I paint my turtle black. Am I goth? I play Silent Hill. Am I goth?
Most interesting visual concepts in SH?
How do you play SH?
Songs that remind you of SH

I Have No Idea What's Going on!
Humorize Silent Hill pictures! Show off your PS skills | Part 2
Silent Hill + Something Awful = ?
SH1 ... Remake? Redux? Redo? Revision? On the Wii

If you think another topic should be added, PM me and I'll consider it. Cheers.

I'm not dead yet, dammit.

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