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The most dangerous Silent Hill monster
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Author:  Bobandjim1260 [ 29 Sep 2016 ]
Post subject:  The most dangerous Silent Hill monster

A while ago me and a friend discussed which monster from the Silent Hill series would be the most dangerous. I recently thought back on the conversation and came up with this opinion. For the longest time I thought God to be the most dangerous monster from Silent Hill. She was supposedly the one who was meant to "cleanse the Earth" after all. Then I thought back onto it a little bit. God is just a manifestation of what the cult's vision of what a God would be. Both times it is killed by the protagonist of the story. My understanding is that this creature is a manifestation based on mass belief, similar to Valtiel. However, this is also their greatest weakness, as I think that the reason the protagonist were able to defeat God is because they didn't truly acknowledge the idea that the being was an all powerful entity, and therefore to them, it wasn't. Then I got to thinking, what other Silent Hill monster could fit the role of being the most dangerous. I came to the conclusion that The Red Pyramid thing was the most dangerous. The entity wasn't a manifestation based on belief, it was a manifestation based off of guilt. The only way to "defeat" this immortal creature was to effectively defeat yourself. In fact, I believe letting the Red Pyramid Thing defeat James is basically James's guilt killing James. There is no belief that you can beat it, because you didn't manifest it out of a belief. However, The Red Pyramid things weakness lies in the fact that it only really appears to one being. So I came to the conclusion that, if you were convinced by the masses that God was....well God. It'd be the most dangerous (unless your belief began to subside). Otherwise the Red Pyramid thing is the most dangerous monster in Silent Hill.

Author:  HeartlessBastard [ 02 Oct 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: The most dangerous Silent Hill monster

...Dangerous, in what sense? I was thinking in dangerous as "the one ha can deal most damage if not handled propely". If that is the case, Carrion and TwoBack are very dangerous entities.
But dangerous as a plot device... maybe Maria or Downpour's Boogeyman?

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