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 Post subject: HELP! Downpour - Stuck - Cant Shake off Bat!

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Hey guys

I posted in general instead of downpour or help threads because this seems to be the most active part of the forum and im trying to get this issue resolved so i can keep playing this game instead of just rage quitting.

I am stuck at the part with the train .. i got the puzzle, then the train starts going and this bat thing jumps on your head.. i kid you not i have tried like 20 TIMES! and NOTHING works to shake it off.. moving the thumbstick fast, moving it slow, timing it with the movements, its so hard, i cant do it, impossible.. to shake this thing off, it just drags me back and its game over..

I saw youtube videos they make it look so easy.. I find it hard to believe anybody has ever gotten past this part.. it is SO impossible.. who the hell thought it was a good idea to make it this hard..

Anyway .. tips?



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SHH Cult Subscriber
 Post subject: Re: HELP! Downpour - Stuck - Cant Shake off Bat!
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You just have to shake that left stick back and forth very fast, and make sure you're doing it the way the arrows say to. Put your hand or fingers on the stick however you need to in order to accomplish it. Find the best way you can do it quickly and decisively, not half-assing the movements. Sorry it's giving you so much trouble. Good luck!

And just FYI, requests for help and guidance in the games go in the "Daddy Help Me!" section. It doesn't matter if the section is less busy; we'll still see your post listed under new posts.

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