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Author:  Numinex [ 23 Oct 2017 ]
Post subject:  Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

Well, after few years I finally kicked myself and decided to buy french Collector's Edition on Amazon. However, because my life tends to suck from time to time, I became an owner of damaged copy in which the movie disc is corrupted and connot be played on any BD player.

But that's fine, I'm patient. Vendor decided to send me another copy really quick... and it also turned out to be damaged. More about this problem you cand find here:

Anyway, third time lucky. I decided to import another french release, including Silent Hill (only movie disc) and SH: Revelation.

Eventually I ended up with this, impressive collection :P


Adventure worth my patience, because all in all, Collector's Edition is absolutely fantastic (which shouldn't be suprsing for those, who have seen CE of Brotherhood of the Wolf). The movie itself is actually available in four different versions (original, with audio commentary, without CGI and from the Behind The Scenes point of view). Second disc is full of really exhaustive additional content, including new 90 min making of and couple interesting materials about the games.

It's definetely the best and the most complete edition of this movie. I you wan't to know more, just let me know. I didn't even watched everything yet.

Author:  J. Quinzelle [ 06 Dec 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

How much was the Collector's Edition of Silent Hill? Where did you buy it from?

Author:  Haunting Hero [ 07 Dec 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

An expensive mistake, but a happy collection lol

Author:  Numinex [ 08 Feb 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

Bought it on french Amazon. I paid 20€ which, believe me, is really reasonable price for such great release - in comparison with prices of similiar special editions in Poland, where I live. Standard BluRay releases usually cost 30-40€ here. So no regrets :) I can finally watch this movie in best possible version with all additional content. The best supplement is movie without CGI and any digital processing (like color grading). It actually tells more about making the movie, than standard Making of (which is also great btw).

Also, it turned out that french release of Revelation has about 50 minutes of additional content in comparison to UK release. Making of is 20 minutes longer (it now covers more interesting topics, like designing and building of specific sets with limitet budget). There are also more interviews, absent in other versions (e.g.with Radha Mitchell).

There are new seperate feauterettes about creating Brookhaven and turning Cambridge into SH. All in all, very rich release. Sadly, additional content is more entertaining and atmospheric than Revelation itself ;)

Author:  J. Quinzelle [ 30 May 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

That's so cool. I've been checking Amoeba imported discs just to see if I come across these editions by chance.

By the way, anyone notice how the BluRay in the US is inferior to the DVD in terms of content. I'm talking the first movie. The BluRay lacks the featurette.

Author:  Numinex [ 14 Jun 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Silent Hill: Collector's Edition

I'm afraid that Collector's Edition is not available on french Amazon anymore. You can still buy bundle with Revelation, but it doesn't include disc with additional content (I have a spare one, btw ;) ). ... ilent+hill

French release is also superior in terms of transfer and overall image quality.

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