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Cry and Tear (Emotional Parts)
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Author:  sh#1fan [ 27 Apr 2006 ]
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no tears~

I was never on the verge of crying.... but i did get really sick to my stomach when they burned alessa ( flashback ) and cybil..... i almost puked. It was way to realisic for me lol ><

Author:  pwn3d91 [ 27 Apr 2006 ]
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I actually started laughing (I was winded by the movie >_<) when they leave Silent Hill and you see Rose drive off and the road just rebuilds itself...I just kept thinking "what if she would've fell of the cliff the dumb bitch..." I know it souds immature but it was just hilarious to me in some way.

Author:  Officer Bennett [ 27 Apr 2006 ]
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Aleksunder wrote:
I was really sad when Cybil died. I kept saying no underneath my breath over and over again, whispering it and then screeching it and flailing my arms.
I love cybil more than I love orange soda. And I love orange soda more than Kel does.

Yeah this was so emotional. I don't wanted to cry, but then...I couldn't hold my tears back. I cried so much. and i don't know why. I think Cybil is the tragic hero in the movie.

"As the darkness fades and gives way to the foggy world, a crippled and distraught Dahlia sits upon the steps to the church's doorway, questioning why Alessa didn't take her along with the elders. Rose explains simply that it's because Dahlia is her mother and, echoing the words of Cybil Bennett, that Mother is God in the eyes of a child. "

"echoing the words of Cybil."
Yes, this was so sad for me too.
And to see Dahlia like that. It broke my heart.

"As Rose drives away, she makes one last note of Cybil's bike crashed on the roadway, remembering her friend. "

That was what I thought too and it made me cry to think about that Cybil never comes back.

And of course the flashback. Long and sad.

Author:  kisho [ 27 Apr 2006 ]
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Nothing really brought tears, but like stated so many times already, the realization that despite all her efforts, Rose would never leave the influence of Silent Hill, that all her attempts to get home were in vain, I just sank at that

Author:  Nicole [ 22 Jun 2008 ]
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When Cybil got beat up, and then Burned. I was crying so much. It was especially sad at the end when Rose was leaving, and she saw Cybil's crashed bike on the side of the road.

Author:  JKristine35 [ 28 Jun 2008 ]
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Alessa's 9 years of emotional torture, followed by God knows how long of physical suffering. The quick flashback of Alessa having books thrown at her makes me cry too cause I know exactly how that feels.

Author:  phantomess [ 27 Aug 2008 ]
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I haven't had actual tears during the movie, but I always get misty-eyed during Cybil's burn scene. I haven't even looked at it the last couple times I watched the movie.

Author:  Nightmareish Waltzer [ 02 Oct 2008 ]
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Alessa's Father wrote:
The part at the end when Sharon and Rose arrive home whilst their Dad lays on the sofa still waiting for them.

Yeah, that entire sequence made me all "emotional" and depressed. There's no response on the other end of the phone when he gets to it, there's an open door (if memory serves) but there's no car, no Sharon or Rose outside. Its just Christopher and the silence.

Author:  Lostkitsune [ 02 Oct 2008 ]
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For me it is a tie for the Cybil and Alessa burning scenes, they are just.... depressing AND painful to watch in my opinion.

Author:  Lauz41 [ 08 Dec 2008 ]
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Both the burning scenes of Alessa and Cybil were very emotional for me. I mean, Alessa was only a child and Cybil was just trying to help Rose find Sharon. Plus Cybil being beaten to a pulp by those miners. I also got a bit teary when Rose quotes Cybil to Dahlia, "Mother is god in the eyes of a child."

Author:  another sara [ 08 Dec 2008 ]
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tears? i would say that....but there were some scence when i got a bit tensed and upset more that freaked out! but tears...dont think so no

Author:  Light Alessa [ 30 May 2009 ]
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Well I didn't get upset during the film but after.. When I actually sat and thought about it I felt really sympathetic for alessa especially when I thought about Colin 0.o

Author:  Jimmy The Obscure [ 31 May 2009 ]
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There wasn't really any tearing/crying for me. But the whole movie, to be honest, is really sad and depressing... The only lighful part was, weirdly, Allesa's revenge.

Author:  Ryantology [ 31 May 2009 ]
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Honestly, I was moved hearing Alessa's cries of agony while the cult was having its Thursday Night Adolescent Roast.

Other than that, though, the parts that were probably supposed to tickle my emotions didn't do a very good job. Who wasn't ready to slap Rose if she yelled SHARON just one more time?

Author:  Light Alessa [ 31 May 2009 ]
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Good point! Hrrrm... SHARON!! XD yeah the film ( as brilliant as it was ) could have been better at playing with viewers emotions.

Author:  Harrys_Girl [ 01 Jun 2009 ]
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I felt pretty emotional during the flashback of Gucci carring Alessa. His face and her burned little hand, clasping so desperatly to him. I nearly cried in the theater at that part. It still choaks me up thinking about it.

Author:  SH3girl32 [ 03 Jun 2009 ]
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I didn't cry, but the parts that made me a bit emotional were....

When we learned about what happened to Alessa in the past and when they played that creepy music from SH2 during it.

When Cybil was beat up trying to help Rose get down the elevator. Then when Cybil got burned to death.

The entire scene when Alessa came to kill everyone in the cult. That was messed up! I was so disturbed by that. :shock:

After the cult death scene when Rose and Sharon were walking out of the church and Dahlia asked Rose why Alessa didn't kill her.

When Rose and Sharon FINALLY got to go home, you find out that they are still trapped in the foggy Silent Hill world. They wouldn't be able to go home and see Christopher ever again.

When Christopher wakes up and sees the door open. Looks out and no one is there.

Author:  destinyCreature11 [ 23 Jun 2009 ]
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StinkBomber wrote:
Let's see, emotional parts...

The opening scene was touching.
Seeing the burnings was horrific.
The ending was especially emotional once you realized what it meant. Gives you that "Damn." feeling, especially if you sit through the credits until Tears Of comes on.

The burning scenes were definetely inhuman, and almost got me emotional.

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