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An Interesting Subtext
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Author:  Master Aurum [ 28 Dec 2006 ]
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This theory might also explain why Rose tells Sharon to "close her eyes" near the end of the movie, when all the cult members are being torn apart by Alessa, so she doesn't lose her innocence...

Author:  collaboration [ 28 Dec 2006 ]
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I like your idea. Honestly, I hadn't really thought that hard on the movie before.

Also, as for what Silent_Hill_Tourist said here,
Y'know how I aid about the "the eyes are the windows to the soul" maybe with the monsters it's no eyes=no soul?

I'd like to add to that.
Along the no eyes=no soul thing, it also seems like monsters are so insignificant. Just tools, nothing worth having any individuality--souls, for example.
It reminds me of a common film device: the shadowing of a supporting cast member's face to dub them as unimportant in terms of character and emotion, however still there to do the simple job of pushing the plot a little bit or adding a small detail. An example of this, the very famous movie Citizen Kane-- the part with Jed Leland (Joseph Cotten), as an old man in the hospital, and the nurses come up, faces obscured, and insist on moving him as he's trying to have a conversation with reporter Jerry Thompson (William Alland).
I'm sure there are plenty of other examples, but that's the very first one that came to mind.

Again, I like your ideas and in connection with eachother, both of you.

Author:  Tom133t [ 01 Jan 2007 ]
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Maybe the gray children's eyes function, indicating a sould, but are twisted off to the side to indicate having a twisted or deformed soul...

Author:  Stevo [ 01 Jan 2007 ]
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The Necronoir wrote:
Could someone with the DVD take a closer look at the grey children and see whether they do have functional-looking eyes or not?


I think the eyes are still functional because of the way his brows move when he looks at Rose. And he looks up at her.

Author:  [ m a r i a ] [ 01 Jan 2007 ]
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Interesting... I never even thought of such a connection, though it makes sense thinking about now. Good job, The Necronoir. :wink:

An interesting da Vinci quote this makes me think of: "The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake."

Author:  Saourealis [ 15 Sep 2007 ]
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This is an excellent point to bring up.

The 8th Aspect wrote:
>I believe their eyes work seeing as how they continually follow Rose.
That doesn't necessarily mean they can see. :P

But I do agree, it looks to me like they have functional eyes but the face is set to the left side of the head. So what does that mean, if it even means anything at all?

...I can't believe no one answered this.
We have no proof that -every- student picked on Alessa, although it is obvious that she was a target to many of the children. Assuming that there were some students who left her alone, they obviously did nothing to help her, either. Most people believe that letting a bully carry on is just as bad as bullying the person oneself. I think it's plausible to assume that the Grey Children don't represent -only- Alessa's bullies, but all of the school children. The head turned to the left may symbolize the students who turned the other cheek and were indifferent to her pain.

Author:  Pastucci [ 16 Aug 2017 ]
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The hand sign is the mano cornuto ( italian for "horned hand"), it is used to protect from malocchio, which is again Italian for "malovent eye", or just simply the "evil eye".

Pointing this gesture at someone means " I curse you".
Pointing it downward, like to the ground, or behind the back, means to protect oneself from curses. (It can also mean "I don't trust you, or pointed at a person, meaning " they are unfaithful to you".

Interesting stuff!

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