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What did you think looked more interestingly creepy?
The bathroom after the janitor came out 46%  46%  [ 6 ]
or the room where evil Alessa was scribbling + the outside where rose was running from Pyramid Head 54%  54%  [ 7 ]
Total votes : 13
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Cafe5to2 Waitress
 Post subject: One big movie/game difference

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I noticed something. In the movie, technically they couldn't arrive in the foggy realm

[spoiler]/purgatory unless they were dead, of course, that's why dark Alesssa got in the way and the mom crashed.[/spoiler]

But at the end after the revenge was done, the were able to leave Silent Hill and come home,

[spoiler]but were still dead,[/spoiler]

and stuck in the foggy realm. In the game, Harry crashed but at the end, the ending I got I think was the good ending,

[spoiler]he got to leave with his new baby and return to regular existance[/spoiler], like he didn't die in HIS accident.

Only the Dark One opens and closes the door to Silent Hill.


Cafe5to2 Waitress
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We do not know wether they are dead or not. They might just be stuck in a foggy version of their house,unable to leave it and unable to understand that there's something wrong.
Hell,I'm not sure of this theory either.I guess we might have to wait for a second movie to understand it. Unless of course the people respinsible decide to use a different scenario-character-whatnot...

Nowhere = Now + Here


Just Passing Through
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That is only one ending.

[spoiler]There is another where Harry DOES die in the accident and it was a hallucination caused by white claudia drug. It shows him dying in his jeep with blood pouring out of his head and the horn blasting.Image[/spoiler]

This differs from Rose's situation, but it does resemble it slightly. Since there are what 4 different endings, they couldn't put all the different endings in there.



Woodside Apartments Janitor
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Why did you make a post and a poll that have nothing to do with each other? And the topic of whether they are dead or not has been already discussed all over the forum.

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