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 Post subject: Kauffman
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Okay, if I remember right, Kauffman shows up in the good endings to throw Aglophatis at Alessa and release the demon from within Alessa. Now Kauffman I think was part of the cult's plan to bring the demon into Alessa and have her birth their new god. Maybe I'm forgetting something here, but why did Kauffman throw that bottle of aglophatis? Did he and Dahlia have different ideas of what Alessa was to be? And what was he expecting to happen? Was he trying to release the demon in Alessa? I think Kauffman was expecting something different.


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M.K. didn't particularly care about the beliefs of the Order. All he wanted was money and power (think Vincent), so he exploited the cult. When he threw aglaophotis on the holy woman in white, he expected it to just . . . die. But, because of his own ignorance regarding the beliefs of the cult he tried exploiting, something much different occurred.

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