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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Alessa's Diary (Play Novel) (Spoilers)

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I apologize if this is in the wrong board, it seems like the most relevant one. I've been lurking these boards for a while, but didn't have a question that wasn't answered elsewhere until now.

I just finished Harry's scenario in the Play Novel. (The latest version by Giromancy) I know the only credits shared between SH1 and SHPN are of a mundane nature (publicity & packaging) yet the novel alluding to SH4's means of birthing God ( ... en.htm#5-9) when SH4 was in it's earliest conceptual phases (if at all) makes me lean towards the novel being approved by Team Silent. At the very least, in the same way Blaustein's translations were approved by Owaku.

So my question is, in Alessa's diary ( ... n.htm#8-16) who would be:

the visitor referred to in 11 and 16?
the friend referred to in pages 15 and 20?
(my initial impression is 11. 15. 16. and 20 referring to the same person, but not necessarily on second read)
the dead person who came back to life in page 13?

Let me know what your impressions are reading the diary or if there's some subtle details lost in translation that are obscuring this part of the game.



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 Post subject: Re: Alessa's Diary (Play Novel) (Spoilers)
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It's hard to tell. It might not be canon, since Alessa was sleeping the entire time.

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