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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: This game is better than silent hill 2 imo

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People seem to think that this whole psychological angle, and dealing with personal demons, ect. was just invented in silent hill 2. Silent hill 1 typically gets dismissed as simple occult horror.. However, Silent hill 1 was essentially, if not almost exactly the same thing, they were just slightly more subtle about it. In the game, everything you encounter is a product of Alessa's mind, just like james and company in Silent hill 2. The cult was really just there to have a reason as to why an individual would have been so mistreated and therefore have such a tortured and twisted psyche. Just like James in Silent hill 2, every piece of the environment is tied to alessa's past, her misgivings, her abuse, her emotions. Yes, whichcraft is part of the the backstory, but it has very little to do with what the game is about at its core, which is again, nearly identical to 2. Youre traversing a person's psyche, and putting together a mystery of of what has happened in this person's life. Only difference being its a story of child abuse and parenting gone wrong (fueled by fanatical religious beliefs) rather than a relationship gone wrong.
I actually think this game is better, because its actually JUST as psychology as the sequel (its just more subtle about it, so people don't seem to notice) They think because theres a cult involved that the nightmare is just a product of occult witchcraft when its actually just purely alessas tormented psyche. Vincent confirmes this in game 3. "You THIINK this is the work of GOD? This is nothing more than your own personal nightmare just like Alessa 17 years ago!" Also, its not like... cliche psyche 101 shit like a lot of Silent hill 2 is. Guy was bullied for being fat/ ugly, so now he lashes out and is paranoid that people are making fun of him. Girl was sexually abused, so now shes self loathing and is generally afraid of men.
Now dont get me wrong, I love Silent hill 2. I think it's brilliant, but it pisses me of that its the only game that gets any praise, when the first one actually does alot of the same things that 2 gets praised for in a more subtle and clever way (imo


Rosewater Park Attendant
 Post subject: Re: This game is better than silent hill 2 imo
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I've always liked SH1 more than SH2. And you're right that SH1 does a lot of things that SH2 does, SH2 simply expanded upon what was already established in the first game (which is what sequels are supposed to do).

SH2 has less to do with the cult than any other game in the series made by Team Silent. Not saying that's a bad thing either, after all its an amazing game in terms of atmosphere and emotion. Gameplay-wise however, its my least-replayed game among the first 4, and the story is not as interesting as SH1 and SH4.



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 Post subject: Re: This game is better than silent hill 2 imo
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I didn’t play any SH’s until 2009. I searched up a no commentary run of SH1 and within minutes I knew it was for me, and for $6 I downloaded it onto my PS3.
I really adore SH1. It’s so fun, and yet on the other hand it’s completely unrelenting in its aggressive atmosphere. I was so surprised by how well it held up back then, and still am (replayed it a few months ago).

I don’t agree that it’s better than SH2, which of course is completely subjective. But I do think that SH1 is the more replayable one of the two. I’ve replayed few other games as much as SH1. It’s short, exhilarating, and I never get tired of the bosses, music, or scenery.

SH1 is a killer experience. Definitely in my top 3 of the franchise.


Subway Guard
 Post subject: Re: This game is better than silent hill 2 imo
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SH1 still scares the crap out of me... The soundtrack, the music, the creatures, the locations... Everything is perfect in that game; SH2 barely wins in the plot and graphic aspects


 Post subject: Re: This game is better than silent hill 2 imo
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SH1 is my favorite of the series. I attribute part of that to nostalgia with it being my first, but it's also just a great game. I enjoy the characters, story, and the otherside shifts, something we didn't really get to experience in the same way in SH2. I guess you could say SH1 is more my "style." I love me some Silent Hillish blood and rust.

SH2 is a close second for me and is great in so many ways.

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