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 Post subject: A few understanding questions

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Hello! At first I want to apologize if my English isn’t that good because it isn’t my mother tongue.

And then… I think my questions may seem very stupid, since I think that I totally missed something out at any point. But when the game ended, I sat on my bed and was quite confused about not getting the information I waited for.
Maybe it’s because I watched the movie before playing the actual game and expected some certain things to be similar, but maybe these questions will be answered in the following SH games as well, so I’d like you to ignore the questions that will clear up in the other games of the series, I would like to discover the answers by myself then ^^
I also searched for answers in a view of the topics here, but often stopped reading because there are too many SH3 references and I don't want to spoil myself.

At first I really want to know what the heck is actually going on in this town. When I got this right, Alessa was involuntarily hospitalized seven years in Alchemilla after being impregnated by her mom. Her soul split, one piece transformed to baby Cheryl being adopted by Harry and his wife later.
So… I got it this far. But other than ‘Alessa is kept within her nightmare’ it isn’t mentioned that Alessa did anything to the town, or did I miss something at that point?
So I wonder… what happened? When did Alessa overwhelm the town, and why? It was never mentioned her being enraged about the things that were done to her, right? Maybe the whole town is that nightmare of hers, but if that's the case, what is the difference between the normal snowing world and this dark bloody rusty world? I understood that Alessa is trying to overwhelm the whole town with darkness to commit suicide this way, but what's about the snowy world then?

And..It is her calling Cheryl, but why? She doesn’t want to give birth to that god witch would happen if she was reunited with Cheryl. Does she call her subconsciously? And does she actually lives when the story takes place? Or is she something demon-like? Something ghost-like? Or still a living child with supernatural powers causing all this trouble?
Another thing bothering me: Kaufmann and Dahlia seems to be indeed alive, but why are they the only survivors? Did Alessa made them survive to take revenge one day? But that Alessa in this game doesn’t seem revengeful to me…
And why did Alessa lead Harry to find her? Wasn’t she aware of Dahlias plan? Why didn’t she just hide trying to avoid Cheryl to find and to reunite with her? However, she does try to flood the town with darkness to beware herself from it, but I just don’t get Harry’s part in this show. Dahlia uses him to get her, but why did Alessa lead him herself? In the end she is the one that is need to be defeated after all, at least the god she was transforming to… Again, did she do all this stuff to take revenge on her mother? I really don’t get the way Dahlia uses him. I understand she did, but not the way this worked out.

I feel completely stupid now T-T

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 Post subject: Re: A few understanding questions
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Sorry but all these questions have been covered many times in other topics. I understand you want to avoid spoilers, but we don't really have the bandwidth to allow more topics on stuff that has been covered.

Try Quick Links for some of the answers you seek.

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