Silent Hill Heaven

I played Silent Hill Arcarde last week
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Author:  The Adversary [ 13 Nov 2007 ]
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>Looks SH2 to me given the fact that it's got a flat frontal part to the helmet...
That's right. Sorry. It's been awhile since I bothered looking at 'em. However . . .

>Methinks the versions released in Japan were Japanese-dubbed.
Meknows differently.

Author:  Harrys_Girl [ 14 Nov 2007 ]
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I would want to play it.

I like the pic of PH, weather it is fron the game or movie. It seems to be the full dress that is from the game, but have seperate fingers like the movie. Whatever, he can still skewer my ass.

I am saving quaters right now in antisipation of it's coming over here, but knowing my luck it wont be sent to my little nowhere town. :evil:

Author:  TleilaxuEyes [ 16 Nov 2007 ]
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I definitely want to play this. If it doesn't come to America, I hope we see it on an emulator within the next decade or so. I like those kind of shooter games, but they're usually insanely hard so that you have to spend a ton of money on them to keep playing. I'm glad to hear it's a little slower-paced, and the atmosphere seems appropriately creepy. I'm pleasently surprised.

Author:  2nd gig [ 16 Nov 2007 ]
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Im seriously considering buying the whole bloody machine when im older.
I really want to play this so much but it doesnt really look like any type of conversion on this is going to happen. I really want to know about the story canon or not. It tells a story that we havent heard before

Author:  alessas angel [ 16 Nov 2007 ]
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I want the thing very badly! I want to play it, and most of all I want a port to the 360!

Author:  2nd gig [ 28 Nov 2007 ]
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I dont know if you ugys knew about this, but heres where the original arcade poster art is from
(Masahiro Ito site)


So if the art is by Masahiro then people who are bashing it should stop.. shouldnt they?

Author:  alessas angel [ 28 Nov 2007 ]
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I so totally want to play this. I also want a port to play it at home :P I want to know more about the comings and goings within the town and especially about the Little Baroness. I pray it comes to the USA.

Author:  92mon [ 29 Nov 2007 ]
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looks pretty awsum, thanks for the pics. when i heard about it i decided i wouldent be too critical about it. its just a spin off, but a spin off full of silenthill monsters, which is what i love, so id really like it to come to the US.
thanks for the pics too.
where there any monsters in the game that were completley new?

Author:  2nd gig [ 29 Nov 2007 ]
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Heres the official site

Author:  Doo-glas [ 29 Nov 2007 ]
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how's the story?

Author:  alessas angel [ 29 Nov 2007 ]
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do you find files and stuff in the game or is it just a find baddies, shoot baddies?

Author:  92mon [ 30 Nov 2007 ]
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Author:  thenarcissuseffect [ 09 Jan 2008 ]
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Author:  PeachySakura24 [ 12 Jan 2008 ]
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Oh my god, I would pee my pants if I had to fight a whole bunch of Robbie the Rabbits!
I really hope they port this to the US! You might never get me out of the arcade, but still.

Author:  alessas angel [ 12 Jan 2008 ]
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What about a PSP or PS3 or even (gasp) a Wii port? :P

Author:  Vixx [ 12 Jan 2008 ]
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I'd keel over and die if SH ever reached a Wii-type interactive experience. Don't think my body could take the stress.

Author:  alessas angel [ 12 Jan 2008 ]
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I think it would be a terrific experience. I have a wii and I love it. I liked the PS2 (dont have a 3 yet). I never had an xbox. But I love the wii. I think that I would really really get into it. :mrgreen:

Author:  LanceS133 [ 13 Feb 2008 ]
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After watching this video that Juridawn posted: ... 280328.php

And hearing that the Little Baroness fog horn is what triggers the world shifts, I'm really interested in what "story" this game has about the ship, anybody know any info on it?

Author:  Jon [ 14 Feb 2008 ]
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I live in Taipei, Taiwan, and I had a chance to play the game today. I thought it was pretty cool. The dialogue was spoken in english, and there were english subtitles. It cost 6 tokens to play (that's about 1 US doller). I only got to the hospital before being killed by a barrage of bugs (I'm not good at light gun games. :cry: )

If you guys want pictures I can take them, when I go play again next week. But there's nothing special, the arcade cabinet is exactly the same as the one posted in the first page by the topic starter.

Author:  LanceS133 [ 14 Feb 2008 ]
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I'm more interested in the story and the little baroness if you can try to remember any of it, please.

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