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Samples used by Akira Yamaoka
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Author:  VIVIsect [ 17 Sep 2008 ]
Post subject:  Samples used by Akira Yamaoka

*This thread was created with the permission of Vixx.

This thread was created as a place for fans to discuss, help identify, and catalog all the various sounds utilized by Akira Yamaoka during his time as composer/sound designer for the Silent Hill series.

The majority of sounds used for the creation of the Silent Hill soundtracks and in-game sound effects/ambience are samples/loops that originate from commercially available sample libraries produced by companies such as Big Fish Audio, Zero-G, Spectrasonics, etc. If you have uncovered any of these sounds and wish to contribute to this thread, please feel free to do so. However, you should first make an effort to make sure that what you're posting hasn't already been posted. Utilize the search function, or skim through the thread first.

Also, uploading and linking to individual samples is fine, but do not attempt to share or ask for complete libraries. And, per forum rules, do not share links to warez/torrent/whatever sites or music/sounds from the Silent Hill soundtracks/games. That's a no no.

General discussion regarding production techniques and equipment used by Akira Yamaoka is also welcome here.

This is a compilation of sounds listed throughout this thread. It will be periodically updated:

Sample folder preview

Sample folder download (Alternate Link)

Author:  heavensnightsh [ 19 Sep 2008 ]
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Awesome find! These would be helpful in making remixes guys :wink:

Author:  Mr.FLOOT [ 01 Oct 2008 ]
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WOW and here's me thinking he did it all himself. He's still a great composer though. Nice find

Author:  VIVIsect [ 27 Oct 2008 ]
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Author:  Mr.FLOOT [ 01 Dec 2008 ]
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Another song Akira has sampled...the opening part of "Monster Daddy" from the Origins soundtrack sounds identicle to a piece of music in the first Tomb Raider movie.

Author:  VIVIsect [ 16 Feb 2010 ]
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Updated. A few new samples added and a new download link. More samples will be added soon. I have more, but they are mixed in a folder with about 50GB worth of other loops. Eventually I'll dig them out.

Author:  B5160-R [ 19 Feb 2010 ]
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Much appreciated.

Author:  SasaYamaoka [ 28 Feb 2010 ]
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Man i thought he did it himself .... :(

How do you play these files?

Author:  Violent Corpse [ 28 Feb 2010 ]
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Well, the best of his songs are done by himself, no?

Author:  Sefiros [ 23 Mar 2010 ]
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There's a whole melodical section in one of the Origins songs that must be a sample, because the whole thing is used in the Stranglethorn Vale music in World of Warcraft too.

Author:  supperhater [ 30 Mar 2010 ]
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I noticed with the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, which is my favourite, he seemed to be using premade drum loops or sampling drum breaks on some of the tracks, whereas on the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack the drums sound more live (and better in my opinion). I've sampled a few tracks from Silent Hill soundtracks before, The Reverse Will is so perfect for sampling... especially the weird part with all the indecipherable voices, there are so many different (sparse) samples that could be taken from that. I've made like 5 different beats all sampling that song but never felt that i did it justice.

Author:  SHF [ 30 Mar 2010 ]
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what studio do u use?

Author:  VIVIsect [ 30 Mar 2010 ]
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supperhater wrote:
on the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack the drums sound more live

I don't know, I'd be willing to bet that all of the electronic drums on the SH4 OST are (like the Wounded Warsong beat) pre-made loops. With the SH2 OST, I'm thinking that some of the beats (though definitely NOT the Alone in the Town beat) were actually programed by Yamaoka himself, being that they're all pretty simple and they haven't been processed a great deal. Anyone with a drum machine could program the beat for "True" in about 10 seconds.

I have some loops that were used in the Homecoming OST, but for the life of me, I can't find them. I have the Alex Theme beat, and the Cold Blood and Witchcraft breaks. If I ever get around to finding them, I'll post 'em.

Author:  Monobrow [ 25 May 2010 ]
Post subject: 

Anyone with a drum machine could program the beat for "True" in about 10 seconds.


I think I have also heard some loops in Stylus RMX, which seems to have a lot of libraries of content from other older libraries (but I would have to double check)... Anyway it's pretty safe to say that Yamaoka was inspired and used a lot of other people's ideas/beats for his more beat oriented music, but I still say that he's really got a great knack for knowing how to write an original melody/hook, as well as pretty much an excellent sense of atmosphere... I dunno, maybe he relied too heavily on loops, but then again, back then everyone was doing that.

Author:  VIVIsect [ 25 May 2010 ]
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I'm curious as to why this thread was moved to Indian Runner from the media section, being that its media (that I didn't create) which was used in the Silent Hill soundtracks. I only compiled the various samples used by Yamaoka... I'm fairly certain that this belongs in the media section.

Author:  Kerrigan [ 25 May 2010 ]
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A lot of Shadow Hearts' soundtracks are essentially using the same pieces Akira samples.

Ashes and Ghost & A Stray Child at one minute in, and even louder at two. (SH2, SH3)
Fortunate Sleep (SH4)
Living in Fear (SHH)

Author:  Droo [ 26 May 2010 ]
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No idea who moved this to Indian Runner, but it belongs in the Media section where it was.

Moved back.

Author:  VIVIsect [ 26 May 2010 ]
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^ Thanks Droo.

Also, I've updated the first page, adding two synth samples used by Yamaoka extensively throughout the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.

@Kerrigan - Nice find! I'd love to track down the original sample libraries!

Author:  Yiyo-chan [ 28 May 2010 ]
Post subject: 

Mmmh! Thank you very much... Sending them to my musician bf ; he'll be more than happy to check on these.

Author:  Vixx [ 28 May 2010 ]
Post subject: 

Think it was me who moved it - sorry. Accidentally moved it trying to move something else. Thought I'd moved it back but ... obviously not. Sorry.

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