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Author:  Guy-onthe-Couch [ 13 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject:  Complete map of Silent Hill

This is my Complete map of Silent Hill that i recently completed, check the artists comments for more in-depth info.
I posted it at the SHF but figured I'd swing over here and see how you guys like it, there's still a few things small things i need to add and fix but as a whole its pretty much done, so if you spot anything missing or have some suggestions please feel free to comment on them no matter how small, as you can probably tell I'm pretty obsessed with the details.

I'd really like to know how you all feel about the change to Bachman rd. and if you feel the same way i do about how it didn't make much sense according to the maps Team Silent made, maybe it's just me?

Anyway enjoy!

Author:  der Morgenstern Czigany [ 13 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 

Oh wow, I see. It's a full FULL map. (I didn't realize South Park was in SH! LOL) I really like it a lot. It'd be so cool if this was a poster! :P

(I'm pretty sure this could fit in SH general discussions, although I'm not a mod so I can't quite say. Just figured to throw that in. :? )

Author:  Dutchman [ 13 Nov 2008 ]
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I've seen (and collected) serveral other maps of Silent Hill, but this one might be one of the most accurate yet. Awesome job! How long did it take to complete this thing?

Author:  RiceDaddy7 [ 13 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 


All SH fans need to have a copy of this. It's monumental as a collector's item. If you professionally printed this as a real map I'd buy it in CafePress :D

Author:  The Adversary [ 14 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 

Well done.

But you misspelled "cemetery."

Author:  Guy-onthe-Couch [ 14 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 

Glad you guys like it, I've been slowly working on it on and off for a good 3 years or so, couldn't tell you how many hours though, it was so daunting i kept putting it off for months at a time, then with origins finally ported to ps2 i regained enough interest to finish it.

And good eye MMY thanks for the heads up, will definitely fix that in next update!

Author:  Aleximoz [ 14 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 

This would be awesome on wall!Just got this to my PC.
Great work,whats your next project?

Author:  aj4x94 [ 15 Nov 2008 ]
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Man, I would love to have to have a full sized one made, so I can put it on the wall next to mt Silent Hill 3 poster. Well done.

Author:  Arcturus [ 16 Nov 2008 ]
Post subject: 

Awesome map! It's nice to see a full map of Silent Hill.

Author:  TleilaxuEyes [ 16 Nov 2008 ]
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This is really cool. Great job!

Author:  Video Gamer [ 16 Nov 2008 ]
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Beautifully done, but I DO have a question: Up in the key, I really hope the M doesn't stand for miles, does it?

Author:  Guy-onthe-Couch [ 17 Nov 2008 ]
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^I'm pretty sure it stands for meters, although i couldn't tell you how accurate it is, they were on the original maps from SH1, i just thought it would look good 8)

Author:  Video Gamer [ 17 Nov 2008 ]
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Guy-onthe-Couch wrote:
^I'm pretty sure it stands for meters, although i couldn't tell you how accurate it is, they were on the original maps from SH1, i just thought it would look good 8)

Well, if it was miles, than the lake is about 400 miles across. o_o

Author:  Numb Body01 [ 10 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

Very nice stuff. I've got a collection of fan-made maps (because I'm *that* cool) and this is definately in the top three. Well done!

Author:  Enika [ 10 Jan 2009 ]
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Oh, my god... that's absolutely FABULOUS! Thank you so much for making this :D I'm going to have to make a point to print it out and put it on my wall or something.

Author:  KageReneko [ 11 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

Nice job...Anyway I'd love to know the exact location of the Panopticon Tower and the forest...

Author:  Rob Matter [ 11 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

Very well done. Lot’s a detail here, and it looks seemless. Clearly, it took a lot of time and effort.

I don't quite agree with some of your choices, however.


First, as this in-game map from SH1 shows, it’s not Riverside that runs through the South Park area, but Bachman. You have Bachman going straight down from Old Silent Hill to connect with Sandford West of the river--the SH2 maps do have a road connecting there, but it isn’t labeled Bachman.

At some point, Bachman and the river have to intersect (with a bridge), in order for Bachman to be on East side of the river, where it belongs in South Park. And rather than having Bachman turn East, I think the river has to turn West, because the above map suggests that Old Silent Hill is directly North of the Resort Area.

This, of course, throws a wrench in your attaching the Resort Area directly to the bottom of Central Silent Hill. The Origins map does have Riverside leading to South Park, but perhaps that should be the road running down the East side (which you've assumed is Acadia).

Basically, Old and Central SH, and the part of the river running between them, all need to shift East. The river should snake West between Old SH and the Resort Area and then turn South again towards the lake.

Secondly—and this is easier to correct—is that Homecoming (and SH1, if you pay close attention) has Toluca Lake extending up into the East side of Central Silent Hill, where you have Midway Ave going off. Now, the Origins map does have Midway going off as an interstate, but it would have to either curve or bridge the lake.

Finally, Homecoming offers some revisions to the buildings themselves in Central Silent Hill, although they should be applied with discretion, giving precedence to the older games. Homecoming did fuck up much of Central Silent Hill, although I suppose the decades of time gone by allow for changes.

Here's what I would do:


Given the scale of your map, it actually fits quite well. Also, it makes sense that Toluca Ave should border the Lake.

Author:  Yana [ 12 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

Wow, that is very, very impressive. Your attention to detail is brilliant. I'd be very proud of myself if I were you. :)

Author:  Happy Burger [ 12 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

damn, that's tight
i'll be sure to print this next time i embark on an adventure to find my dead wife

Author:  Guy-onthe-Couch [ 12 Jan 2009 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks everyone, it's good to see people enjoying it, makes all that work worth it 8)

To Rob Matter: I appreciate you addressing that issue, believe me I've been knocking that one around for a long time, it's half the reason i put it off for so long.
There really hasn't been any substantial source material to verify it one way or the other, although the winding river makes more sense than assuming it was a mistake, it just seemed to tie up alot of the loose ends like roads leading to nowhere.

I'm currently working on revising the fonts and other small details, I'll have to mess around with that one and see what i can come up with, any suggestions would be great.

I also don't currently plan on incorporating anything from SH5 as they pretty much ripped the town to shreds, this will just be a classic Silent Hill map for the time being.

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