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Basically I believe the format war, that Blue-ray far exeeds DVD and HD-DVD, but of course it's gonna take a while, and yes, it's all off the topic.
I've heard that Alex is going to have real-time damage, and so are 'enemies'(which, thank god, include the 'sexy' manequin nurses from the movie!), and that couldn't be done on anything but a next-gen console. Also the AI possibilities are huge taken that the PS3 Cel proccesor is more powerful than any before it, but we don't know if anyone has really utillised it yet, it's still new and it'll be a little while before we see anyone really pushing it, though Konami have said that the AI in the game is more advanced than any other SH. Looking foward is all I can say. Oh, and HALO 3 is just 2 but shinier!

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Breaka wrote:
Chrism~ wrote:
Breaka wrote:
Skele wrote:
i don't see how anyone could say the 360 is boring..

But yeah, end of the day, they all basicly do the same thing. Its like betamax or vhs. I just wish they'd stop making exclusive consoles and just make a generic one.

You realize that the console wars is what keeps the price low? right.
If you end up with just one console, it will monopolize the entire market.

Not so. It aint like one particular make of DVD monopolizes the market. Look at the PC forinstance, loads of manufacturers at a wide price range, but everyone gets to play the same games. I think consoles should go down the same route.

Trust me, if the industry only ends up with one console, the prices will go up.
Analysts debate this a lot, many are saying that we basically get the software at a very small price. Games take a lot of time, crew and money to develop. Not only that but games cost more to make and to buy than regular DVDs.

Aside from this, there is a fierce war between sony, microsoft and nintendo. Why do you think that Sony is forced to lower the prices on their machines? And why do you think the videogames cost about the same as the last gen?
Besides, the war is what keeps the solid exclusives and good games coming.

And now that you brought up the DVD, who do you think that Bluray and HD-DVD are making so many offers?

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