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 Post subject: Silent Hill: Homecoming Quicklinks
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Yeah, it's about time we had one of these..

2:06 Significance by ImmortalGrey
Man Versus Man by Caim
Travis, the Truck & Alex by Droo
Alessa's Room? by Droo
Pyramid Head & Adam by The Hawk's Eye
Five Things SH:H Does Better Than SH2 by LastGunslinger
A Family Matter by LastGunslinger
MMY Thinks There's a Plot Hole by MMY
Mirror Mirror/Shepherd's Glen by SHACKled89451

Fire Symbolism in SH:H
Fitch's Heroism
Shepherd Family's Situation
The Boogeyman | #2 | #3
White Claudia?

Story, Plot, Endings, Characters
Alex's Diary
Alex's Jacket & Dogtags
Alex is Fit (LIKE A BOSS)
Curtis the Clock Man
Elle Holloway
Frozen in Time?
How Did Alex GET ESCAPE'd?
Joshua's Intentions
Let's Discuss Endings
Mary? Do You KNOW These People?
Monster Symbolism
Pact with the Old Gods
References to Past Games
The Otherworld and Sacrifices
The Sacrifices
Woman in the Grand Hotel | #2
Deputy Wheeler: Stereotype?


Complaints & Grievances | #2
Extra Scene After the Credits
How to Kill a Needler in One Hit o/~ Bragging Rights Forever

Death Scenes
Favorite Scenes
More Unused Stuff?
Scariest SH:H Moment
SH:H Reviews Thread
Unused Dialogue From the Game
Unsettling Details of SH:H
Weird Stuff, Hidden Memos
Funny Moments in SH:H

If any of the above links are messed up, please let me know! It's a bit time consuming to go through each link to make sure it's all there properly, but sometimes I make mistakes. Any help is appreciated.

And again, as with the General Discussion quicklinks, if you think a topic should be put in here, please don't hesitate to message me or another staff member! We can easily add the link in. :)

I'm not dead yet, dammit.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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