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 Post subject: Founding Families Symbol.
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Not much is known about this symbol. though there is one article about it in the game.
It describes what the circles stand for.
But does anyone know what else there is to the symbol?
Has anyone noticed that its a part of the full halo of the sun?



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Everyone probably noticed the Halo of the Sun connection since it's fairly obvious, but I always figured the reason for that was simply that they were copying The Order. The whole reason they created Shepherd's Glen was to split off from Silent Hill because they disliked the way The Order was handling things, right? (Or has it been too long since I last played Homecoming...? :/)

Since it's Silent Hill, I'm sure the connection is deeper than that, but it is just Double Helix after all and not Team Silent. While I commend them for how well they handled Homecoming, they could've overlooked a few things...

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