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 Post subject: Alternate storyline? Unmarked spoilers ahead.

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I saw this comment on Guy Cihi's Instagram:

i think in the 2007 game silent hill home coming they actually did though about bringing James back , they were originally going to make the lead female an older Laura the love interest of the main protagonist , i think James in that had remarried and might have been unframed for any murder since female leads mother is a judge so she must have used her connection to coverup Mary's murder.

Is there any truth to this? Any sources? Thoughts? Because this is the first time I've heard about it. Personally, I'm conflicted. On one hand, Silent Hill 2 is my favorite game and the ambiguous nature of its ending only makes me like it that much more. Even with the ambiguity, it still feels like whatever ending you get provides more than enough closure that would make any attempts at a direct sequel unnecessary. But on the other, it might have been better than what Homecoming ended up being.

EDIT: Turns out it's true. Found it on the Silent Hill Wiki page.


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 Post subject: Re: Alternate storyline? Unmarked spoilers ahead.
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I don't think bringing an adult Laura back would've been strange. After all, it would've made sense if she made it back to the real world.

James on the other hand, that should be left untouched. We already "kind of" know that James doesn't make it back to the real world, since Frank Sunderland in SH4 admits that his son went missing in Silent Hill and (apparently) didn't come back. Now of course this could also mean that they simply don't talk to each other anymore, but that's exactly why the fate of James should be left untouched.

Thinking more about this, I agree that bringing an adult Laura into the main storyline of Homecoming could have possibly made the game slightly more interesting. She could have served as a somewhat sarcastic/snarky character similar to Heather, guiding Alex into Silent Hill since she has experience.


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