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Cafe5to2 Waitress
 Post subject: Prison paintings
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Missing since: 08 Jun 2005
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Last seen at: Canada
Everytime when I playing SH2 in prison I see 3 paintings. I dont understand what these images could mean... Image

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Just Passing Through
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Missing since: 04 Jun 2005
Notes left: 100
Last seen at: england
from what i understand the burning buliding pic is supposed to represent the Hotel burning down. Cause it has in the real world. But the other two i'd like to know aswell.

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Woodside Apartments Janitor
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Missing since: 27 Oct 2003
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Last seen at: Everywhere {UK}
Burning man: The lakeview Hotel was burnt down.

Woman in flight: Think of the Sh3 chapel painting; A picture of an angel flying into the heavens.

436 people at a recital: A big Crimson Ceremony? Or a rock-gig thing?

Thanks to Ulver09 for spotting this:

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