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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Re: A Metaphysical Illness

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adjasin wrote:
The whole of us have been making conclusions of the otherworld that james receive even ideas and conclusions of the cause of this town....but there's a memo on a desk on the hospital that describe an illness, and it says
''The potencial of this illness is on all people on the right circunstances, any man or woman can be driven like him to the other side.
The other side perhaps may not be the best way to phrase it.
after all there is not wall between here and there. I lies on the
borders where reality and unreality intersect. It is where both close
and distant.
Some say that enven it's not an illness.
I cannot agree with them I'm a doctor not a phylospher or
a psychiastrist.
But sometimes I ask my self this question. It's true that
to us the imaginings are no mare than inventions of a busy mind.
But to hi, there
is no other reality.
Furthermore he is happy there.
So why in the name of healing him must we drag
him painfully into the world of our own reality?
This is a description that has strong meaning, we know that everything on this town has meaning
sometimes deeper than others, also all memos we found have relationship with james life and for me this memo brought the concept of what james have been experience.The whole town, the places that we go...all of them have a meaning for james, sometimes a reflection of what he is, so all places we get are an interpretation of what james feel, like this memo says it's another world, is just a creation of what james is, there is no journey to Silent hill, is just on james' mind where the game begins not on a physical or real place where we are called, also we must remember the apartments, there almost a wish for get there. The door that is nearby the motorhome is closed, but where we found the key? on another place that we could get by another road, the hospital, the path that I say is near of the bowling it's whith bonds. And we must remember at the begining the bonds that close the road, and james is 'forced to follow the path of the lying figure and after that is the road is open , the road to get the key to the apartment or the path for the church it doesn' look closed, james says that he must find another way like I said james wants to show his person on this apartment. All of this shows that is just the way where james' mind builds another reality like it's comment by the doctor of this memo. How could be possible that ernest knows james existence, and even james person, it's just the fact that james make this reality, so we must be conscious of that the whole game is on james mind, on another fictious place; not a real or physical place.

I hope so adjasin, I really hope so...

Satan is a violent low self esteem fart face with animal legs, but not a animal ass.

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