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SH2:DC copy - is it new or used?
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Author:  Caliban [ 18 Feb 2016 ]
Post subject:  SH2:DC copy - is it new or used?

After a very long search that lasted for years, I've finally got the chance to purchase a new and sealed copy of SH2:DC for PS2 (PAL UK). But unfortunately I'm not sure if it's really unused and factory-sealed (obviously, the latter can only guarantee the first). Maybe you can help me clarifying this - this goes especially to people who live in the UK or have bought their PS2 games as new from there.

The seller says that the seal/film does have y-folds and a tear-strip, which sounds great. But unfortunately, the strip itself doesn't have the PS2 logo on it. (In Germany, my home country, every single PS2 game bought as new has the logo on the strip.)

How was or is that handled with the strip on seals of PS2 games from the UK? Do you think the copy I want to purchase is really new, factory-sealed and unused, or has it at least been resealed over the years?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I hope I've posted in the correct section: I think so, because it's more about determining the status of PS2 games in general than a Silent Hill related topic. If not, please forgive me! :D

Author:  fudgestix [ 18 Feb 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: SH2:DC copy - is it new or used?

Moved this to the SH2 section :)

As for the strip, it's been a long time since I bought a PS2 game new, but I'm sure I remember them coming in cellophane wrap with the ps2 logo repeated around the strip.

I found this thread on another forum that might be helpful

Author:  Caliban [ 19 Feb 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: SH2:DC copy - is it new or used?

Thx for moving my post - in the future, I'll remember! :lol:

That's good to know; I've also read the discussion on that forum (thx for the info and the helpful link). :wink:

Unfortunately I've learned today, that the above mentioned game doesn't have a PS2 hologram sticker on its box, which is at least a clear sign that the box has been exchanged, so there is no guarantee that the game is in new condition. And besides, I don't wanna pay 60 £ for a game I can't be sure of, if it is truly unused.

So, my search for a factory-sealed PAL copy of SH2:DC continues... I'd really appreciate, if someone knows where to get it and has a link to it (any European version is desirable; it only has to be in a new, factory-sealed condition). :)

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