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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Silent Hill 2 (PC) audio issues. Please Help

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Hey guys, hoping I can find some help here as I am pretty much ready to give up ever playing this game.

I am desperately trying to get the PC version to work. The main issue I have is this obnoxious audio popping/cracking sound. This is from the beginning of the game. Happens right after I step out of the bathroom.

That video is a little mild it's usually a bit worse. The weird thing is I can almost guarantee a temporary fix. If I restart my computer and then boot up the game really quick the popping sound isn't there. I can exit to the menu try it again and everything still works fine. Then I'll let the intro movie play on the title screen and the FMV will run fine for a bit and then all of a sudden lag like hell.

Then if I try and play the game the audio popping sound is there. If I try to quit the game and restart it it doesn't matter, the popping sound is still there.

I really don't get why it works when I restart my computer. If I close out the game and try it again normally the popping is still there, it only fixes if I restart my computer and don't let the FMV video play from the title screen.

Urgh, i can't figure out how to fix this. I've disabled Vsync, disabled my sound hardware acceleration. I can't find anything about this on google. There is an audio looping problem and I'm sure it's related to that somehow but the stuff I installed was supposed to fix it.

I'm using GTX 960M
i7 6700
I made sure the affinity is set to 1 and all that.

Either way I can't figure this out. I want to play this game soo badly as I've never played before. Appreciate any help, I tried asking on reddit and didn't get much a response and I can't find anything really on google.


Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Re: Silent Hill 2 (PC) audio issues. Please Help
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Ohh that's not sounding good. Are you sure it is the PC and not the game copy? Are other games working just fine on it? If its only the game causing the issue you may have a bad copy of it.

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