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Author:  angelofROOM302 [ 04 Jul 2008 ]
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Loved the game!
Hated the glitches. :twisted:

Author:  redrum [ 25 Jul 2008 ]
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I hated and loved this game, I hated fighting the monstors but I loved the rest, especially Alchemilla and Riverside Motel I thought they whee awesome, I also liked the little extra places, like the Town record place, the apartments, butchers, general store, bookshop reminded me of SH1 cause SH1 had the police station and stuff lol

I didnt mind the Artaud, I liked the whole giant mirror worlds and caliban being in it, I HATED the Sanitarium, way too big, I mean there is a good story behind it, but its dumped 70% for just running from A to B.

The Monster design was pretty awesome, especially the double back :mrgreen:

The ending really made this game for me

Author:  Enika [ 26 Jul 2008 ]
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I got it and I'm playing it on and off for PS2...

First impressions are that the health system confused me, haha. I'm used to the little health thing going green -> clear -> red -> blinking as it went down, and when it went straight from green to red I wasted a ton of health items :( I soon figured out (after starting over) only to use health drinks when I get the red border.

Still enjoying it, though.

Author:  Tyrael [ 01 Sep 2008 ]
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I LOVED it, just finished last night. It was SPLENDID, the only part I didnt like was the end butcher fight. They really didnt incorporate him as much as they should have, and those peepholes in the motel were cool and all but definitely not enough for him. I wanted to see him more often liek pyramid head, where there are times you have to just run from him.

Oh well, all in all I give it a 9.5/10

Author:  David01 [ 04 Sep 2008 ]
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I loved Origins, there were some things that were lackluster. The sanitarium was the creepiest damned level I've ever seen in a silent hill game. I loved the music in the sanitarium level, very ambient, and I was playing it last night and had to stop playing. Mainly because it was creeping me out big time.

The creatures in this game were a mixed bag, very well designed, but some were a bit rehashed, as in Lying figures being called straight jackets.

But other than that, the game was excellent, I've played this game probably a hundred times through, and each time I notice something different. LIke the anatomy dummy you find in the hospital.. and how Travis notices something about it later on in the level that shocks him, and myself as well. I wont spoil it, but just play the game to find out. :wink:

The endings to the game were good, even the joke ending was interesting. The bad ending for me made alot of sense.. it was creepy and well implemented and left you guessing.

The good ending leads right into the beginning of sh1.

So play this game, even the ps2 version is ok, even if it does have some glitches.. it's still the same game as on the psp.

Author:  robbaq [ 09 Sep 2008 ]
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Made it through recently... When Kaufmann, Dahlia, and Lisa came out at the very beginning I thought 'come on, that's sooooo cheap, even for a prequel'. But I was very pleased that further in the game [spoiler]Travis' story becomes the main interest of the plot. It's nothing terrific, but I enjoyed it pretty much.[/spoiler] What I hardly disliked was [spoiler]the somewhat fast ending, since you get to the room with the Memory of Richard Grady everything ends in a few minutes, actually. And the final boss was quite a joke.[/spoiler] The monsters were also pretty cool for an SH game - finally some really big ones, altough they tend to get irritating because of their numbers and some techniques (carrions, anyone?). The difficulty was very well balanced in my opinion - as SH2 was hella easy and SH3 hard as heck (ammo, ammo, ammo...), for me Origins was about as tough as SH1, which was not bad. Disposable weapons appeared to me as a good idea, but having portable TVs, toasters and all kinds of stuff in pockets was even more ridiculous than usual, it somewhat hit me this time, as you can access stuff immediately :) Riddles kept up with the level set by the previous games and I got stuck on them once or twice, like old times :P

Overall the game is standard to the bone so to say when it comes to the series, bringing nothing really new whatsoever, except going through mirrors to the Otherworld - it's hell of a difference when you see your reflection again and wonder 'huh, time to go there again...' rather than just get there on the course of the game 8) . I couldn't miss the lack of 'BOO!'s, save maybe [spoiler]the screen going all black-and-white suddenly and all these voices and stuff... Creepy each and every time.[/spoiler] Still, playing through was fun. I expected a cheap money drainer, but it came out as a plesant disappointment. I recommend it to every fan of the series, newcomers might find it to be pretty good of a start as well I guess.

Author:  Biccard [ 08 Dec 2008 ]
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Origins is a great game, but one thing I noticed when playing the Sanitarium, was the Otherworld. It's all green, and it looks like it's been flooded or something like that; it looks like seaweed or regular plants are growing up the wall and hanging from the ceiling and all that. I think they should've kept the red blood&rust look from Silent Hill 1. It appears in Alchemilla Hospital in Origins. That's kinda what the Otherworld is known for.
All the wiremesh floors, and the walls full of blood and rust, I wish they had maintained that look in all the Otherworld in Origins.
Otherwise, great game!

What do you think about this?

Author:  Jetsetlemming [ 11 Dec 2008 ]
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I just got Origins yesterday. Played through the hospital, died in the woods outside the Sanitarium after the Butcher shop because I've got nothing but melee weapons and they're universally worthless when you've got multiple attackers at once :(

First impressions:
I'm so incredibly annoyed I can't angle the camera around with the right stick like every other Silent Hill. I know this is an artifact of the game being made for the PSP, which only has the one control stick, but they really should've added that standard feature in with the port. :(

The new bad camera makes exploring significantly more annoying than before, and it's not helped by the game having pre-set cinematic camera locations stuck in corners or ceilings or right up in Travis's face and unmovable every other room.

It *feels* like Silent Hill 1, which is an impressive feat, I think.

I like the mirror thing, moving back and forth between the darker and grey-er versions of the Otherside. It's definitely a passable gimmick. I don't know if I prefer it to the past way of introducing the player to an area, then turning it on its head halfway through and making you go back on it. At the very least, I miss the scenarios that 1/2/3 came up with for that switch event, such as going to the non-existent fourth floor of the hospital in SH1, or the holes in the historical society in SH2.

So far the pacing is weird. Off. Rather than going smoothly, it's jumpy.

Edit: Speaking of the sanitarium, I don't have a clue why I'm going there. I left the hospital and noticed it was circled on my map for some reason. I don't recall anyone or any document mentioning it.

Author:  Mr.FLOOT [ 11 Dec 2008 ]
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Lisa tells you she is going there to meet Kaufman, which is why it's circled on your map.

Author:  Jetsetlemming [ 11 Dec 2008 ]
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Oh, I guess I kinda... zoned out in that cutscene. Too busy distracted by how Lisa sounds like she's voiced by a guy doing falsetto.


Ok, so far? Ugh for gameplay. Cool for puzzles and feeling. The fucked new camera and more difficult fighting means I'm doing nothing but running around blind, relying on my map (which can thankfully now be read in the dark) and ignoring all enemies unless they're the big butt things and directly in my way. I'm in the asylum, and for pretty much every area if I enter it with my flashlight on I'll have an enemy on me and attacking for 1/3 to 1/4 my health before I can even get far enough out from the door that I can see in front of me. It can't be stressed enough how horrible this camera is.
Also the game's throwing a ton of melee weapons at me. I've got like 40. Just recently found a katana. I'm not using any of it, of course. If for some strange reason I am possessed to use a melee weapon, I'll use one of the one-hit weapons like the TVs and toasters.
In summary: They fucked up the gameplay real bad and managed to get the feeling and tone of Silent Hill down perfectly. Isn't that the exact opposite that was supposed to happen with a Western dev handling a Silent Hill game?

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Author:  It's bread [ 21 Mar 2009 ]
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I got the PSP version last week, and I'm currently at the Sanitarium. My impressions so far are mostly negative, unfortunately.

Controls and camera - Well I suppose forced 2D movement control is inevitable given the PSP's lack of shoulder buttons for sidestepping, but the camera is utterly obnoxious. Being able to take control of the camera, freely swinging it around to locate threats using the stereo field of the radio, was one of my favourite aspects of the original SH games; it got me out of a lot of scrapes and came in handy when I went hunting for Groaners too, heh. By comparison, Origins' camera feels like walking round in a neck brace. If I ever want that Resident Evil "tension through gimping the player" shit I'll play Resident Evil, thanks. There's absolutely no reason the original camera couldn't have been implimented with the PSP's control interface. The camera issues are compounded by...

Combat and gameplay - Too powerful and too numerous enemies combined with a combat system I just don't find fun. Punching a nurse in the face and finishing her off with a stamp to the groin felt amazingly visceral and satisfying the first time I did it; not so the 15 bloody millionth time. The only thing I can say about the grappling QTEs is that I hate them and I sincerely hope they die in a fire, since they make it impossible to push enemies out of the way and avoid the aforementioned irksome combat. I've also noticed that turning the torch off in dark areas doesn't stop enemies seeing me, even when they're at the other end of a corridor, which is unacceptable and brings me to my third point...

Atmosphere and darkness - I shouldn't even be able to see enemies at the other end of corridors in the Otherworld. I shouldn't be able to see anything with the torch switched off. Did someone leave the lights on or something? Someone certainly left the air conditioner on anyway; the constant background noise in the Otherworld hospital pushed me right out of the game. Much of the atmosphere of SH1's Otherworld locations comes from the absolute silence and darkness that surrounds the player. The lack of darkness and the constant air conditioner noise in Origins' Otherworld completely destroyed any sense of isolation that I might otherwise have felt. And the music in that area was way too upbeat as well. There's also too much background noise in the outside areas. I don't know if it's supposed to be wind noise or what, but to me it sounds more like someone's testing a jet engine at the other side of Toluca Lake.

Travis's footstep sounds irritate me too. "THUD THUD THUD THUD", and always in my right ear. Argh! :x

Author:  Hubbari [ 23 Apr 2009 ]
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First I Didint thinks its good game when i got it from my friend... he laughed hes ass off when i got scared of the game and i shutted it down and started to play patapon xD... But now i like it... *First impression* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! WTF IS EATING MY ASS!??!?!?!!?


Ooh and by the way... *forgot to put this ant other post* what lisa excatly does with kaufmann? she is always with him and doing something that looks pervert! even in Silent Hill 1... lisa is bitchy character.... *^_^ u cant say NO*

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Author:  DistantJ [ 01 May 2009 ]
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So far I really like it. I'm about 8 hours in, just entered the Motel. I love the manual transition between worlds using mirrors, I love the atmosphere and the music is superb.

I find the enemies a little hard when you're out in the town - the straight jacket monsters are so much harder than they were in SH2 because they run and do that quick time event grapple thing, and those dead horse things jumping at you can damage your health a lot too - ironically it's hard to go finding health drinks and ammo because you'll use up your health drinks and ammo trying to keep yourself safe :P Once you're inside though it seems to be just about right - just hard enough to be frightened about the enemies but not frustrating like Homecoming.

There are a few clear disadvantages of it being a quick PSP port such as no ability to use the flashlight to examine up and down in 'search mode' and some little glitches, it's really annoying not being able to move the camera when there's an enemy or enemies near you but you have no idea where they are (until they jump you and make you use up another of your precious health drinks) but otherwise yeah, I'm really impressed.

I am definitely excited about Shattered Memories now, if it's these guys at the helm. They clearly know how to do Silent Hill. If I hadn't known it was done by Climax, I'd have sworn the original SH team did it.

Author:  Severeth [ 08 Jul 2009 ]
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"OMFG. OMG. *piss bursts out* FINALLY. THANK YOU, MOTHER!"

Was a birthday present. :P

Author:  FailingCancer [ 08 Jul 2009 ]
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I didn't like Origins interpretation Lisa either, but then I had to remember that this was before she get put through everything of SH1 and realize that this was what she was like before she went headfirst into that can of worms.

Author:  BurningWitch [ 26 Jul 2009 ]
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Finally got the game. It's the last out of the main games for me to get.

Actually, took a little work tracking it down without having to order a copy online.

I'm liking it a lot. Just made it to the motel.

It's not my favorite, but it isn't the worst (Homecoming) :evil:

Author:  Ravager [ 08 Sep 2009 ]
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Just finished this.
First the downsides:
- Straight Jacket. After seeing them in SH2, the movie and Homecoming (I know this came out after, still...) I'm really getting sick of this enemy.
- Mirror to Otherworld. Not really a downside, I did enjoy this, but I do rather have it like in the previous games.
- Travis' story. I somehow didn't find this interesting. At least, not interesting enough for Silent Hill.

The good things:
- The feeling. It really has the classic Silent Hill feeling.
- The motel. I really like that part of the game. Don't ask me why, I just really enjoyed it.
- The (new) monsters. The Twoback and Carion mostly. I really liked their design.

The breakable weapons didn't annoy me. I mostly used the fists.

I like the game. But unfortunately it wasn't very interesting. We already knew what was going to happen, and it didn't bring much new to the franchise. I enjoyed it, but when it was over I didn't have the "Wow!" feeling the games give me (yes, even Homecoming). It was more: "ok, nice."

Author:  DirtyNorris [ 12 Sep 2009 ]
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Although I played SH1 first, 0rigins was the first game in the series I completed, so I think I enjoyed it more than those who were familiar with the series. I love the whole atmosphere of it, a mixture of SH 1 and 2. I was really uninterested in Travis's story though, there didn't seem to be much to it. The Sanitarium was scary, but tedious, the bosses were incredibly easy and the Butcher was a disappointingly unoriginal PH rip-off. I can't dislike the game though, I still enjoyed playing it, for the atmosphere if not the story.

Author:  Midori-chan [ 13 Sep 2009 ]
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Finished it a few hours ago. I was a bit disappointed by the abrupt ending, it was too short for a Silent Hill game, IMO. The monsters were good, I dodged more than fought. I liked the new places, the Sanitarium, the Theater, the Inn, all were cool places. Gameplay was also good, story was okay, they didn't get too deep into Travis' story, nor Alessa's story, they should have had more things to add into the story. It was not so satisfying.

I'll unpack Silent Hill: Homecoming, and hopefully I won't be as disappointed. :\

Author:  sneaky [ 18 Dec 2009 ]
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loooooooooooooovvvvvee iiiiiiitttttttt.....

that's all i can say!

I was able to finish all type of endings and got all acollades, (to be honest I just got the game last month :lol: )

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