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Bits, Bobs and Doo-Dads in SH:0
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Author:  The Adversary [ 14 Jan 2009 ]
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Well, the picture's there.

So, boosh.

Author:  Oddish [ 11 Feb 2009 ]
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I remember reading those letters in the Public Records office. Obviously, there some someone is Silent Hill with a lot of clout who really had it in for little Alessa. First of all, they made sure that the person who talked alone with her (in the abuse complaint) was a cult member. And then they arranged for the arson investigation to be quashed. Dr. Kaufman's doing? He was the one who pronounced her "dead".

Author:  Burning Man [ 10 May 2009 ]
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In the Gillespie residence, the clock shows the time as around 11:25. Could this be the time of the incident that the burning took place?

In Alchemilla, if you check the same phone that Harry used to locate the "other church," Travis will mention that he has no change, but has no-one to call anyway. I guess phones back then didn't take quarters? (Note, Travis holds a quarter in his inventory with '61' on it.)

I think this is an easter egg, but there are portraits of certain people, which looks largely out of place. I wouldn't be surprised if these were photo-shots of the developers. I don't remember how many there were, but you can find one after you enter the Sanitarium, and there's another one in the Public Records office.

Author:  mbnvcxyz [ 17 May 2009 ]
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Doo-glas wrote:
FatalFrame wrote:
2. When he gets Alessa out of the house she's looking pretty crispy he says " There you're okay now." It's like oookay. She's burned to a crisp, oh yeah, she's going to be just fine.

"not to worry kid, we'll slap some neosporin on ya and you'll be fine" :lol:

because it was, after all, JUST a flesh wound...
[spoiler]but for real though, in the hospital, there is a doctor's note even stating that everything on the inside of her body was just fine, and thats what made my statment humorous.[/spoiler]

Author:  mbnvcxyz [ 17 May 2009 ]
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game_over wrote:
Did anyone notice that you see PH's picture twice throughout the game?

where was it both times?

Author:  reap28 [ 11 Jul 2009 ]
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Some one told me there is a hidden off map area when it has a billboard modeling clothes and they are Harry's and James's clothes and it is a express clothes billboard his didn't tell me where but here said you cant go up to it you can see it from a distance when you leave the theater around there (i don't believe him im just posting to see if its real)

Author:  Video Gamer [ 11 Jul 2009 ]
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Burning Man wrote:

In Alchemilla, if you check the same phone that Harry used to locate the "other church," Travis will mention that he has no change, but has no-one to call anyway. I guess phones back then didn't take quarters? (Note, Travis holds a quarter in his inventory with '61' on it.)

I doubt Travis would spend his good luck charm.

Author:  QuestionSleepZz [ 20 Jul 2009 ]
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I'll help out with some I found in an FAQ section pertaining to "Bits and bobs" lol :)

-Walking along the road in the PS2 version, you can see a truck that's
broken down/crashed. This is a clever bit of foreshadowing: Harry will be
in the exact same situation at the start of the first Silent Hill. (On
the PSP, there's a pile of boxes instead of a truck.)

-Travis passes a sign that says "Welcome to Silent Hill". The sign should
say something like "You are now leaving Silent Hill" on the back, but it
only says "Silent Hill". Why? Because everyone knows there is no leaving
Silent Hill! (This appears to be just for the PSP.)

-If you examine the floor where Alessa was after picking her up, Travis
will note the Halo of the Sun and say that it makes his head hurt, not
unlike the effects it has on Heather in Silent Hill 3.

-There is a tower of boxes labeled "MSG" piled outside of Konami Burger.
For those of you who don't know, MSG is monosodium glutamate: a flavor
enhancer and preservative that has a bad reputation because most people
either react allergically to it or just don't like it. Whether it's from
the oriental eatery next door that changes depending on your version of
the game or the burger joint is unclear. Either way, someone's putting a
lot of unneeded chemicals in their food.

-In the hospital hallway with the restrooms and the alternate exit, you can
hear a noise that sounds like a muffled telephone ringing or the hum of
some old office equipment. To my knowledge, this is not part of the
background music even though it loops like it, so this is yet another
ambient/creepy sound effect.

-There's a notice about a fundraising event in the hospital that Travis
won't take his eyes off of, yet won't pick up.

-Travis turns his head to stare at all the stretchers in the hospital that
were used to carry Alessa.

-There are some posters in the hospital that say "Hospitals are good."
Those who've played Silent Hill 3 know how Alessa feels about hospitals
(plus, let's not forget the fact that she's wasting away in the basement
when Travis arrives). Some of these posters are actually reversed,
perhaps to show Alessa's feelings.

-When Travis touches the mirror in the hospital for his first trip to the
Otherworld, his reflection twitches madly. This is a reference to Adrian
Lyne's film Jacob's Ladder, one of the first major influences for the
Silent Hill series.

-The cigarettes in the ash tray in the staff lounge are still smoking.

-There's a mutilated corpse in the Otherworld where the anatomy doll was,
and Travis wonders what kind of monster would pluck out its eyes, when he
did just that not two minutes ago.

-The actual name of the butcher shop is "The Family Butcher".

-Travis shows genuine sympathy for all the monsters killed by the Butcher.

-You can hear muffled speech from inside the locked doctor's office in the

-Other posters in the sanitarium read "Hypno-Therapy: Unlock Your
Potential!" and "Cognytolyn... ...the solution to a Global problem". (For
the record, "cognytolyn" is not a real word.)

-There is what looks like a smiley face visible in one of the
sanitarium mirrors. (I put the picture in the spoiler)

-The theatre ticket we pick up in the sanitarium has a city name on it:
Jaffrey, N. H. This is a real town in the state of New Hampshire, and
Jim has dug up some history that may serve as a connection:
"The town is where a famous, unsolved mystery of Dr. William Dean took
place in 1918. Apparently, it spread paranoia about the town and is one
of it's darkest moments."
Details of the Dean murder can be found here:
"I wonder if the fact that his being bound and his head covered with a
burlap bag is also part of the reason [the town is referenced]. I'm sure
there's more to it than that but Strait-jackets come to mind."

-Other plays advertised in the Artaud Theatre include Julius Caesar and
Romeo and Juliet. Harrison has also spotted posters for Hamlet in the
stairwell just off the lobby.

-In the theatre, if you enter the mirror on the stage without setting the
scene, Travis will find nothing but will intently stare at the spotlights
to his left, even after noting that they don't work.

-If you examine the shovel melee weapon, Travis will note that it is "good
for maiming bodies and then for burying them".

-Travis only laughs at his own jokes.

-The till receipt in the general store contains a reference to a line from
George Orwell's novel 1984; the exact line: "Here comes a candle to light
you to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!" (Thanks to
Huajun Chen for this tidbit.) An anonymous e-mailer sent in even more
info on the original nursery rhyme, titled "Oranges and Lemons":
"Speculation about the versions of 'Oranges and Lemons' which *do* contain
those lines include the notion that the ringing of the church bells in
London and its environs were to mark a public execution in London."
Keeping in mind the nature of the Butcher, these lines have even more

-On the second floor of the 300-block of Riverside Motel rooms, you can
hear someone running.

-In Room 309, Travis takes a health drink straight out of a toilet. Ever
since Silent Hill 2, there has been a long-running line of "reaching into
toilet" gags. Travis is apparently the first man in Silent Hill brave
enough to reach into a toilet for something, though the one in the motel
wasn't full of gross blockage like the one in the Blue Creek Apartments.

-Travis breathes really heavily every time he looks in a room through a
peephole, except when looking through peepholes in the Otherworld.

-Taxidermy makes Travis feel bad.

-In the game room at the motel, Travis says he only smokes when he's happy.
Examining one of the cigarette machines will make him say that he doesn't
want a smoke right now.

-The pinball machine with the token on it, fittingly enough, has a big rig
theme to it. In the PS2 version, it also features a horizontally flipped
version of this picture of Farrah Fawcett:

-There are pages of Konami's "Lost Memories" scattered around the
sanitarium. For an example, look here (found in the room with the Doll/
Pill Puzzle): [spoiler]Image[/spoiler]

-The third pinball machine on the right features
the band KISS. (This is also just for the PS2.)

-The lights are on and flickering in room 213 at the motel, but the door is
closed. Bronson has e-mailed a possible reference concerning this room,
saying 213 was the number of Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. Dahmer was a
serial killer who murdered 17 men and boys and apparently stored corpses
and other unspeakable things in his room, which is not unlike all the
hanging corpses you can see in the Otherworld motel.

-Leonardo da Vinci's famous "Vitruvian Man" drawing can be found on the
walls of some of the motel rooms.

-Before you jump down through the hole in the Cleopatra Suite, you should
be able to hear a woman laughing, among other sounds. (You know, just in
case you were unsure about what Lisa and Kaufmann were doing downstairs.)
Sammy has also noted that those sounds can be heard through the suite's
peephole, underneath Travis' breathing.

-In the Green Lion, you can see a picture of what could be [Mira]
(from the UFO ending) by the hole in the wall.

-The last name Grady has a history of crazy
attached to it, specifically in a loose reference to The Shining by
Stephen King. The caretaker who murdered his family was named Delbert
Grady, and his spirit haunts the Overlook Hotel. Though Travis' father
was more suicidal than homicidal, his spirit also haunts a hotel-like

-If you examine the Redeemer in the PS2
version, you can clearly see the image of a woman on the handle.

I just copied and pasted all of these.
I didn't find any of these all credit for these go to "sophialeigh" who wrote an FAQ on Origins on GameFAQS so I don't get in trouble by the internet police lol :)

Author:  Drainage64 [ 25 Sep 2009 ]
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When you kill the first monster in the game (A nurse) I noticed that when you shine your light at the dead body of the nurse it just looks like a somewhat bloody body but when your light is not on the nurse the there's a huge blood puddle around the dead I the only one who ever had this happen?

Author:  Butcher Incarnate [ 30 Mar 2012 ]
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In the alchemilla hospital there is a picture in front of the womens bathroom that kind of looks like Cheryl and harry? I'm not too sure but kind of looked like harry pushing Cheryl on a swing with another lady in front can someone confirm this?

Author:  Doctor Eggnog [ 03 Apr 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bits, Bobs and Doo-Dads in SH:0

@ Question S, a lot of those were interesting. The one about peepholes really got to me somehow. I gotta say, though, Travis laughs at Lisa's joke. :)

Author:  Butcher Incarnate [ 03 Apr 2012 ]
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I'm not too sure but the first time you go into the otherworld in the theater there Is door on the left, the bathroom if I'm not mistaken, but travis turns his head, but when you try to open it, its closed. Does he have to take a piss?

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