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Author:  Raider Man [ 29 Sep 2008 ]
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Exactly and the monsters are different than the PS2 one
According to the graphics I believe that grpahics are better than the PS2, when I first got the Origin game in PS2 I see the graphics is not clear a little, but I saw the PSP one in youtube is amzing since I never played it, and the mosnters I saw there are different from the PS2 one.
As for the vincent custome I never heard about that, is that also contain in the PS2? If so how do I have to get it?

Author:  DarkeningNightmare [ 29 Sep 2008 ]
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the monsters are exactly the same. a little harder to defeat yeah, but they do not change in appearance.

Author:  Silentbunny [ 19 Jan 2009 ]
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I like the PSP version myself (I own both so yeah...but the PS2 version saw Hell and never came back and plus, I already had a PSP). The models look better in it.

Author:  Morbid.Marionette [ 26 Jan 2009 ]
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Okay after like a half hour of trying to get the video up here's Travis' eye glitch:


Author:  Enika [ 26 Jan 2009 ]
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Morbid.Marionette wrote:
Okay after like a half hour of trying to get the video up here's Travis' eye glitch:


Oh geez... that's really strange O_O

I don't have the PSP version, but I love my PS2 version. I've encountered maybe two instances of glitching while playing it, and neither of them were a big deal. (I got picture changes on the weapons and only one file out of many closed itself before I could read.) I finish things easier with a sit-down console than with a portable, so the PS2 version was the choice for me.

Author:  AnastasisXD [ 26 Jan 2009 ]
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i ahvent played the ps2 version, but i think PSP is better 4 me, i like it
besides, i have bought a thingy that is attached to psp and now it is like the ps2 controler

Author:  Oddish [ 26 Jan 2009 ]
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I don't even own a PSP, and I'm not going to get one to play a game that I already have for my PS2.

Author:  dman [ 06 Jul 2009 ]
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I've got Origins on PSP - I have never been able to find it on the PS2 unfortunately.

It's great to play on the PSP. Many arguments say it's hard to get the same level of horror on a handheld system but i was shitting myself in some spots. Especially cuz its a bit harder to see the screen!

Note: Play at night, lights off headphones on (or hi-fi system up loud) for maximum effect.

Author:  thy_butcher [ 23 Jul 2019 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

I'm about 15 years late to this party, but I've ordered a PSP for myself and you all know that Origins will definitely be one of the first things that I check out. I'm pretty excited to see how it compares to the PS2 version. I remember there being a weird bug in the weapon menus of PS2 Origins where all the pictures of the weapons would be the same thing... like everything would be the shotgun or something.

I wonder which version is better visually?

This reminds me of when I bought a Wii for Shattered Memories after already having the PS2 version. Lights off and headphones on, I'm gonna try to make this a good experience despite SH0 being my least favorite in the Series.

Author:  Tabris [ 19 Aug 2019 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

The PS2 version was definitely the superior version graphically.

However, at least in MY experience, the PS2 version was vastly inferior due to a pile of sound glitches I dealt with. The music tended to not loop, so pretty much in any scene or area, the music would play once and then it'd be dead silent.

Like, consider the last areas of SH Origins. It's a pure industrial nightmare of sound. But on PS2, it'd just end up being completely quiet audio wise and just the sound of your footsteps and monsters. So lame.

But I've complained about this before and a lot of people said they didn't have these issues. I did try two copies though and both had the same problems. So if you can find a glitch free copy, PS2 would win for sure. But I'd only recommend the PSP version from personal experience. Far as I'm concerned the PS2 port was garbage.

Author:  thy_butcher [ 22 Aug 2019 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

@Tabris - I haven’t played PS2 SHO in several years, but I don’t recall audio glitches; granted, maybe I didn’t recognize the bugs that were there but I definitely don’t recall the music cutting out. I had very consistent UI glitches though.

I’ve been going through Origins on my PSP, and wow I didn’t realize the visuals had such an overhaul for the PS2 port. Travis looks extra-dopey in the OG version.

I’m very interested to know who did the port. Was it the original team, Climax, or some other team? I did a Google search and didn’t see anything pertinent.

It’s nice to hear the games audio/music through headphones; sounds good.

Author:  Tabris [ 22 Aug 2019 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

Yeah, I'd have taken the UI glitches anyday over the audio glitches. I was so damn disappointed since I love Origins a lot and I wanted to play on the big screen with upscaled graphics really badly at the time.

Oh well, that was like a thousand years ago. Still a little bitter though.

Author:  KageReneko [ 23 Aug 2019 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

PS2 Travis looks a bit like Frankestein's monster for me... I like his PSP appearance better... Lisa also is hideous in PS2

Author:  Lifetolifeless [ 20 Oct 2020 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

KageReneko wrote:
PS2 Travis looks a bit like Frankestein's monster for me... I like his PSP appearance better... Lisa also is hideous in PS2

Curious whether this is a case of the lower-resolution screen being more kind to the source assets, or if there’s actual content disparity between the two platforms. I’ve only played the PSP version, and it’s tough to make out the differences from screenshots on my monitor.

Author:  NanayaShiki [ 21 Oct 2020 ]
Post subject:  Re: PS2? PSP?

If I remember correctly there's something about... like... Alessa doing a creepy smile in the PSP version that they changed to be a more neutral face on PS2 because it was clearly a movie inspired thing originally?

I can't recall if that's actually true or just something I remember being said. I haven't played Origins in well over a decade at this point. If it's true though that's at least evidence towards them changing the models somewhat.

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