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 Post subject: Re: Alessa`s house
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I'll just copy and past this excerpt from the Koshiki guide from SH1:

Q: What was the cause of the fire that broke out seven years ago?

A: A ritual that Dahlia performed using Alessa.

Dahlia originally thought that Alessa would follow in her own footsteps as a spiritualistic
medium for the cult, but realized that the ritual would be far more likely to succeed if she
used her as the surrogate mother to bring about the descent of the cult's god. And so
seven years ago, Dahlia performed the technique to bring about the descent of the cult's
god using Alessa in the cellar of her own house. Although it seems the cult has a place
they use for rituals, Dahlia was confident that she would be able to summon the malevolent
deity if Alessa was the surrogate mother; therefore, as it was not necessary to choose a
location, she impulsively carried out the ritual in her own basement. The ritual process
involved a great deal of fire, which consequently escalated into a conflagration. Incidentally,
there is information in the game about "six houses that burned down in the business district,"
but the actual site of the fire can't be located on the business district map. It seems the
houses were completely torn down during those seven years.

Q: Did Alessa die in the fire seven years ago?

A: She survived.

In the game, it is reported that Alessa's "charred body was found." Although the records
show that she had died, she was secretly taken to Alchemilla Hospital and nursed for seven
years in the hospital basement. Kaufmann prepared a substitute body; it's possible he was
also the one who performed the "autopsy." The method Dahlia used to bring about the
descent of the cult's god had nearly succeeded with Alessa as the surrogate mother, but
Alessa quickly let part of her soul escape and the technique was not completely successful.
In short, even with the embryonic malevolent god within her, the ritual was in a suspended state.
Alessa had suffered burns covering her entire body that were far beyond a fatal level, but she
continued to live-- that is, she was kept alive-- because the malevolent deity protects its
mother's body. Additionally, Dahlia continuously inflicted pain upon Alessa in that state for
seven years by means of an incantation that compelled the missing part of her soul to respond
to her. That part of her soul was Cheryl. If the soul could be unified, the ritual would be
complete and the malevolent deity would awaken, so Dahlia caused Alessa to suffer,
compelling her to seek help from Cheryl. Incidentally, corpses (?) that appear to be wrapped
in robes that cover them from head to toe are seen in places that lead to the "other" world.
These figures are wearing the cult's ceremonial robe. Perhaps they were manifested by
Alessa's resentment of the cult?

"Good people should love their enemies" - Seu Madruga

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