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 Post subject: Silent Hill Heaven Forum Rules & Regulations (2020 Edition)
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Welcome to the Silent Hill Heaven Forum!

Our goal is to provide a comfortable space for all to share our love of the Silent Hill series and to offer a venue for our opinions on various other subjects. We ask that you review the following guidelines for the forum so we can keep this community as respectful and friendly as possible.

You may visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to find any answers on how the forum works. You may also ask any questions you may have in the Silent Hill Post Office section or you can PM a moderator or administrator.

Please be aware that these guidelines are subject to change.

Meet the staff

Basic Rules and Guidelines

  • Avatars

    Image Image

    Regular Members are allowed a maximum 100 x 100 pixel avatar. Those who have subscribed to the Underground Cult are allowed, as one of the perks, 150 x 150.

    Just beneath where you assign your avatar in the Control Panel, there is the Avatar Dimensions field, which allows you to have the board resize your avatar for you, if it needs resizing. Please make use of it.

  • Signatures

    The maximum size of a signature image for all members is 570 x 100.
    In addition, you may add up to a maximum of four lines of text.
    If either your avatar or signature exceeds the stated limits,
    you may receive a warning from an administrator or moderator.

    If you need to resize your images to fit guidelines, or simply wish to make basic edits, a free and easy option is the LunaPic Online Photo Editor.

  • Spoilers


    [Reveal] Spoiler:
    This is the spoiler tag

    Use your common sense with spoilers. If you're not sure if it should be hidden behind a spoiler tag, it is safest to do so.

    If you are making a thread in which much of the discussion will involve spoilers of a piece of work, and add [SPOILERS] in the thread title, it is not necessary to use tags in posts made within that thread, as long as what you're posting is not spoiling something unrelated to that topic. Do not ever include a spoiler in a thread title, or in a Location or signature on your profile.

Forum Etiquette

NOTE: Certain individual sub-forums may also have additional rules specific to it. Be sure you look for stickies and announcements so that you are aware of them!

  • Thread Titles 101

    When making a new thread, please be as specific in your title as you can. This makes searching/browsing the forum much easier for everyone. If you do make a title that is too vague you may be asked to change that title, or a moderator may do it for you. Titles such as "Is it just me, or..." and "I have a question..." are unacceptable. We don't want 50 threads with these same titles. As stated above, however, never include a spoiler in a thread title.

  • Before you make a new thread, use the Search feature

    We typically do not allow multiple threads addressing the same topic. So, if you're about to start a new one, it's a good idea to use the Search feature and see if a thread already exists for it. If you do not find one, go ahead.

    The Search feature does not work with 100% consistency, so don't be upset if someone responds to you with a link to another thread and yours is closed.

  • Make your posts legible

    It is not fun when reading a person's post requires extra work. Make your posts easy for others to read.

    • Spell properly. All modern browsers have built-in spellcheckers which automatically flag errors. There is no excuse for not using it.
    • Format properly. Dnt spk in txt. DON'T TYPE EVERYTHING WITH CAPS LOCK ON. Don't Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. Don't overuse colors which are garish or hard to distinguish from the background.
    • Make paragraphs. Nobody wants to read an enormous, unbroken wall of text.
    • Be coherent. Remember that people judge you by how you present yourself, and will assume you are not intelligent if your posts give people that impression.

  • Use the Image button

    If you see another member breaking the rules or engaging in disruptive behavior, every individual post has a "Report" feature in the bottom right of the post. Let us know about it. We're here to take care of such problems. Do not backseat moderate. It is obnoxious, often moreso than the behavior which prompts it, and it will certainly not make you a more likely candidate to become a real moderator. You may end up with a warning of your own.

    Note that it is quite okay to post a redirect link in a duplicate thread. That is something we all rather appreciate when it is necessary.

Disallowed Behavior

  • Members under the age of 17

    Silent Hill is a series with many disturbing and mature themes. As such, there is a lot of discussion which will touch on these themes. It is the opinion of the staff that we are uncomfortable with minors being involved in these discussions. Therefore, all members must be 17 to actively participate. There are never exceptions to this.

    If we discover that you have falsified your age (and we will do research if you give us a reason to), you will be banned for a length of time which ensures that you are of the proper age. As an example, if we find that you are 14 on April 1, 2012, your ban will expire on April 1, 2015. Note that we will log your IP as well, to make sure you don't try to circumvent this.

  • Flaming and trolling

    To be succint; don't be nasty and unpleasant to others. We understand that discussions can often become heated, and that people can develop an honest dislike for others. That is still no reason, or excuse, to engage in insults or flaming. You'll be warned, at the very least. Note also that certain kinds of flaming are more serious. Attacks which are racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise directed at who the person is rather than anything they may have done, may result in more serious consequences, up to and including a permanent ban without warning.

    If you're here to troll other members, or just the board in general, we're no less kind about it than the serious flaming. Deliberate and continued hassling of other members may result in a ban.

    As the forum is not limited to only native-English speakers across the world we do occasionally have a foreign member who is not so fluent in English. We ask that you do your best to have patience and be as helpful as you can with these members. It's really easy to tell the difference between a person who isn't fluent and a person who is just being lazy or sloppy. Do not flame a person because you are unable to understand the content of their post. This is rude and embarrassing for the person to whom the comments are made, especially when it's not being done deliberately.

  • Spamming and obnoxious behavior

    We define spamming as posts which lack any clear value. Posts which consist of nothing but emoticons, "lol", "I agree", and the like are garbage. They'll be removed and the member notified. We expect that you actually have something reasonably insightful or important to say if you wish to say something. Our forum operates with limited bandwidth, which often runs out as months draw to a close. We enforce this strictly because we don't want the board to go offline any sooner than it has to.

    Note that this forum is not a chatroom, a LiveJournal, or Facebook. While it is okay to occasionally insert a little chat into an ongoing thread, it is not okay to use threads for this purpose, even if you're observing the formality of adding a little bit which is on-topic. We will step in and let you know if we believe you're doing too much of this.

    Behavior which is designed to annoy or disrupt will be dealt with in the same way. We can't always tell if it's deliberate, and we'll always treat it as if it was, so it's wise not to be careless.

  • Double-posting, bumping, and reviving old threads

    Double-posting is when you post twice in a row. This is usually not allowed. If you feel you need to add more to a post you've just made, you have an Image button, which allows you to change or add to that post. The only instances in which a double post is considered acceptable is if is if at least seven days have passed:-

      - You have fresh information on a topic, such as updates on game/movie development.

      - You have a long term project in Indian Runner or Your Special Place which you wish to add and update to.

      - You are something to an old thread which is important enough to warrant being bumped (e.g you have changed your stance on a theory),

    We will not permit double posting or bumping in topics of a personal nature (e.g.Pet Peeves or what makes you angry, or what are you playing; if it's about YOU, then you can wait). Double posting in topics like this, or before seven days has passed, unless you have the express permission of a moderator before hand, will lead to warnings.

    On the subject of bumping, do not ever bump a thread for the sake of putting it back up on top of the New Posts list. We consider that spamming and it will be dealt with as mentioned in the previous section.

    Finally, old threads. We encourage members to look through old threads to find out if a topic they wish to discuss already exists. However, do this only if you have something worth adding to the discussion. We especially dislike when a person answers a question someone asked, and other people answered, way back in 2005 or some other very long time ago. The board is active enough that you should not need to do these things in order to contribute.

  • Game threads

    Game threads are defined as threads which are not actually discussing a topic, bur are just encouraging people to post whatever they want. Examples would be "Who would win a fight between Pyramid Head and Walter Sullivan?", "Rate my avatar", or RPG threads.

    There are certain, officially-sanctioned exceptions to this rule. Most of them already exist, so it's rare that we'll leave one open if we find it. Again, bandwidth is a precious commodity here, so it's something we take seriously.

  • Illegal content, pornography and nudity

    We do not allow members to link to warez, torrent trackers, sites which offer downloads of copyrighted material, or contain other illegal content. This is to protect ourselves. Links will be removed and the member warned.

    The same goes for links or open displays of pornography, even if it's in text format. The one exception is for creative works in the Indian Runner section, in the interest of artistic integrity. If you're unsure whether or not you have something inappropriate to post, it's always wisest to contact a staff member and ask beforehand.

Basically, what we want is for you to exercise common sense, behave yourself, and be a contributor. It is the quality of our posts, and the people who make them, which make Silent Hill Heaven the most popular Silent Hill forum around, and of course, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Happy posting!


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