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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: ending statistics and accolades - an analysis [SPOILERS]
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After several playthroughs and experiments I have found out many things about how certain actions during the game will influence your final results - in a manner of speaking: about the inner game mechanics. Therefore I want to list them here, because it can make the achieving of accolades a lot easier, respectively more schedulable.

1)Total enemies killed using…:
- The last two bosses (Memory of Richard Grady & Flauros Demon) don't count as a kill: No matter how you defeat them, they are not added to your killing statistics!
- Finishing an enemy with an empty/unloaded firearm equipped counts as a fist kill - most likely because thus Travis will perform the stomping instead of a shooting animation.
- Killing an enemy with the Moon Gauntlets (= without the need to finish it) counts as a melee weapon kill. However, finishing it with the Moon Gauntlets equipped counts as a fist kill - again because thus Travis will perform the stomping animation.
- The critical number of killed enemies for achieving the bad ending during subsequent playthroughs is 100. That means:
a)If you killed 99 enemies or fewer, you'll receive the good ending / the Savior accolade.
b)If you killed 100 enemies or more, you'll receive the bad ending / the Butcher accolade.

2)Total items collected:
- The number of collected items shown in the statistics isn't accurate - or more precisely: It is higher than real! On one playthrough for example, I collected exactly 410 items, but 451 were shown; on another also 410, but 433 in the statistics; on a third one 407, but 426 in the statistics. At the moment I can't tell, what's the reason behind these additional items, but I have some assumptions:
a)The interaction with the riddles may result in a higher number. That would also explain the incredibly high amount of my first playthrough compared to the subsequent ones, because during it I've experimented in many ways (e.g. placing items wrongly at the riddles and taking them out again several times, trying to use items/keys on the wrong places/doors, examining certain things/objects countlessly and suchlike). This assumption could also be supported by the fact that from the penultimate save point on to the end of the game the item counter is working absolutely correct (I’ve tried out everything possible) - and there are no riddles at that stage!
b)During consecutive playthroughs not only very few healing items always vary (e. g. Health Drink or Energy Drink or nothing), but also the strength of certain melee weapons (= Kitchen Knife, Razor, Scalpel, Jagged Wood, Meat Hook, Poker, Shovel, Tire Iron, all longe-range weapons): After picking them up, they can have either full strength (a green cross) or half the strength (an orange cross). Since this is completely random, maybe the full strength at these weapons counts as two items, because regarding strength, two orange crosses amount to one green cross - and that may result in an always different item number at the end.
c) It could simply be a bug with the PS2 version (at least the statistics of some PSP speedruns I have watched on YouTube display the correct number of items, which each player has collected).
- Although the collecting of a map won't let you hear the typical sound that you'll hear, if you collect a different item type, it will count as a collected item. That means that EVERYTHING you pick up, will be added to your collecting statistics!
- The only item that won't be added to your collecting statistics, is the Streets Map - maybe because you pick it up automatically / during a cutscene and regain control of Travis not until in the map screen (yet that counts as one map view).

3)Number of map views:
- Each collecting of a map also counts as one map view - because it will also create the typical sound that you'll hear, if you look into the map during gameplay / via the options.
- The lowest possible number you can have on map views is 1, because the first look into the first map is inevitable.
- I still need to check, whether browsing a map adds up to the number of map views or not.

These are my results so far. I will continue checking on other things, e. g. the still debatable requirement for achieving the Fireman accolade (recently I watched a nearly perfect speedrun on PS2, but the player still didn't achieve it - why??! :x ).

Btw, does anyone know, if the numbers in the requirements for the following accolades are true, exact and have been tested? Or are they only roughly estimated?
Stalker: under 3:00:00 hours flashlight use time
Collector: at least 300 items collected
Sprinter: under 2:00:00 hours playing time
Sharpshooter: at least 75% kills with firearms
Weaponsmith: at least 75% kills with melee weapons
Brawler: at least 50% kills with fists
Cartographer: under 25 map views
Explorer: at least 22.50 Km walked
If these haven't been verified yet, I'll try my best to do so! But if they are, I won't bother me with them anymore. :D

I have it in my cave.


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 Post subject: Re: ending statistics and accolades - an analysis [SPOILERS]
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Missing since: 01 Aug 2006
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This is pretty interesting.

BlackFire2 wrote:
I thought he meant the special powers of her vagina.

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