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Just Passing Through
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i'd imagine if there was a boss battle they'd incorporate the environment into the battle, so you'd be able to defend yourself and such without actually possessing a weapon. much like the sequence in resident evil 4 where you must take control of ashely, you'd reach for other objects to throw at the oncoming danger or even set traps. i'm sure the flares would come into play as well.


Just Passing Through
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From_Hell wrote:
I actually like boss battles in that you're fighting a unique, highly dangerous opponent who may require heavier firepower or different strategies than what you're used to.

The main problem with boss battles is that they're often heavily scripted and constrained to a single room/area.

Now roaming boss battles are superb and terrifying. Imagine if in SH1, the moth boss would follow you all over the map or the split-head lizard ambushed you in the corridors of Midwich.

This is the best boss idea I've read. Roaming bosses would be the most terrifying experience for me personally. I don't really know if this is what you mean, but a long time ago when I played Clock Tower II: the Struggle Within, it scared the bajeebies outta me. Granted, I was terrible and never got past the first chapter, but those types of boss fights were completely nightmarish. To know that, no matter how far or fast you run, there's still a chance that danger might be right behind you, and hiding places are scarce...truly frightening.

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