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From a technical standpoint, it's hard to deny that Shattered Memories is far superior to Silent Hill, I can't even make a joke, it's just that much better.

Let's try and compare mood and atmosphere though. I'd say Silent Hill is a much scarier game, you're constantly feeling like anything can happen, and no matter where you are, you're never safe. Ever. Shattered Memories has a more ambient feeling to the whole game, it's more laid back, because you know when the scary moments are coming, and when you have time to relax. This gives us more time to really look around that the world that has been designed, listen to the messages, and really get involved with these characters. Comparing these two moods is difficult, as it seems they're both trying to attain a different feeling. If I had to make a choice, I'd say Silent Hill, as it really set the bench mark for what you should feel throughout the series.

Characters? I'd give this one to Shattered Memories. The characters here are much more believable, (whether that's a plus or not is your choice), and I found myself attached, and concerned about these characters.

For the monster monster design, oh god Silent Hill. The designs for the creatures in Shattered Memories is a huge complaint of mine, as they look horrendous (not even in a good way), and lazy.

Music? I'd say Shattered Memories, Akira Yamaoka's style has really evolved in the past decade, and in the first game.. it wasn't much the speak of. The tunes weren't catchy, and it's difficult to remember more than the main theme. Shattered Memories on the other hand is filled with great beats, which fit each mood perfectly.

Story.... now this is all down to personal preference, but I'd say Shattered Memories. I always thought the plot with Alyssa was a little hard to swallow, (I found myself preferring the plots to 2 and 4 by far). Shattered Memories gave me exactly what I wanted; a self-contained believable story, with characters who develop throughout.

Shattered Memories wins for me.

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