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 Post subject: Ending similarity between this and 2.

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We all know how Shattered Memories played out, that Cheryl was living with this delusion of her father. Perhaps this idea is not entirely unique. If you take the Maria ending from Silent Hill 2, it seems to me that James Sunderland is doing exactly the same thing with Maria, except for him this delusion has only just started and has not been going on in his head for 18 years like it was for Cheryl.

If James did survive Silent Hill, perhaps he carried on his days in a state of delusion.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I know it probably has but I decided to give it a shot.


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Cheryl's delusion is more of a "my dad was my perfect hero" thing, it wasn't like James + Maria, where Maria was a manifestation and the events of SH2 were to be repeated in the Maria ending. Cheryl wouldn't say "I'm going to my dad's house this weekend", no, that would be crazy.

One could argue that Harry Mason (SM Version) is a manifestation like Maria, that could add up to the Bad ending. Harry dying in the crash after the divorce, Cheryl getting adopted to a new mother, etc.

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