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Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories
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Author:  Number 7 [ 23 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

So Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang are playing this on their channel.
Their ignorance is amazing.

Author:  Oddish [ 02 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

Watched a bit of it. Nothing destroys Silent Hill's eerie ambience like two laughing potty-mouthed chuckleheads yakking a mile a minute, especially with the subtitles off and the dialogue drowned out. Turned it off and found a more respectful playthrough very quickly.

Author:  NanayaShiki [ 05 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories


I'm sure everyone involved in that channel is a completely fine human and I hold nothing against them on a real life level. But as entertainers I just can't stand them. I used to watch this channel for a bit when it first started, but it quickly led to me not being able to stand either Egoraptor or JonTron. It seems to have only gotten worse since the cast changed.

Egoraptor acts like a complete asshole who pretends that his personal tastes actually hold some sort of objective merit for deciding video game quality (aka all the games i played as a kid are the best and modern games suck because i said so) and then he goes around saying games treat him like an idiot and are too easy while he spends 80 episodes wandering around and ignoring obvious instructions. I have no idea why he thought acting like an arrogant asshole and being condescending about such a silly topic about video games would make him entertaining to watch.

Meanwhile JonTron just devolved into screaming and shouting really loudly, instantly becoming a parody of himself and falling into the same tropes as every other "lulz LPer" on youtube. The only time JonTron stopped doing that shit was when he'd be the "yes man" to Egoraptor's bullshit even if he didn't agree.
JonTron: "No I like that game"
Egoraptor: "No that game sucks, let me prove to you the game you like sucks"
JonTron: "yeah i guess it sucks then okay"

I only watched a small handful of episodes of the new cast. I heard a lot of burping and obnoxious "funny voices". Once they started with the homophobia and transphobic "ew its a guy who looks like a girl ew lol" shit, I was officially done.

Given that Egoraptor has already previously said "Silent Hill sucks because it's boring and I don't like it because people like it more than something I like that I think is better" (paraphrased from two moments I remember), I'm guessing he's just going to be an insufferable jackass in this LP and talk about how his personal opinions totally mean that the game is objectively bad and has tons of flaws because.

Okay, that's all. Rant over. I'm sure there are some people here who like these guys, so I won't fill the thread with negativity beyond this post.

Author:  Below [ 15 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

Always a good sign when the premise of the game being played is spoiled throughout.

Author:  Lahkesis [ 20 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

I admit I've become fond of the Game Grumps recently, but I'm steering clear of watching them play this. JonTron mocking Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel was enough for me.

I like the guys even though a lot of their humor is immature, but if they're going to poke fun at games I enjoy without bothering to take them seriously, I'm not going to just take it.

Author:  ashatteredmemory [ 24 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

I watched some episodes, including the end. Despite them saying to have spoiled it at the start, they still didn't know the ending. One of the 2 just thought of the bad ending in SH1 and plainly thought Harry was dead. They also connected emotionally really well, as one of them thought it was the scariest and saddest games they had played in a while.
Despite their 'dicking around', still give the Let's play a chance, it's funny and they surprise you at moments.

Author:  Tillerman [ 27 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

I've always kind of disliked Game Grumps, despite the fact that they usually play games I like. And in this case they are not even doing that. They're just another one of those obnoxious youtube people that try to hard to be funny and come off as irritating.

Author:  DawnBraz [ 30 Jan 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

I will admit, I do like Game Grumps. As immature and silly as it is, I do enjoy watching their videos. I have seen a few episodes of this LP [I have not played SM yet, and I don't want too much of it spoiled for me.] It is weird watching a LP of a game series that is very close to my heart and I love so much, while listing to Dan and Arin scream like little girls and make ignorant comments through out.

Author:  Its Gone Now [ 03 Oct 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Grumps Play Shattered Memories

Pair of Cretins.

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