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Spam: READ BEFORE POSTING (seriously) *UPDATED JUNE 17 '10*
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Author:  Droo [ 29 Apr 2010 ]
Post subject:  Spam: READ BEFORE POSTING (seriously) *UPDATED JUNE 17 '10*

Hello all.

There has been a SIGNIFICANT problem in this section regarding spam and joke posts.

While the section may have been created somewhat prematurely (ie: before we know ANYTHING about the game), this was not an open invitation to spam and joke around. We are going to be just as hard-assed and rule-enforcing in this section as we are anywhere else.

That said, feel free to speculate, if such speculations are serious and invite actual discussion. If your idea for a thread has no basis in fact for rational discussion, don't post it.

Furthermore, to EVERYONE who responds to any thread in this section, stop and think "Is this spam? Is this purely a joke post?" If the answer is yes, then don't post. This forum is not being paid for by Vixx to provide practice for your burgeoning aspirations of being a comedian.

Any spammy responses will be removed by Staff and repeat offenders will be Warned, with consecutive Warnings leading to a permanent banning from the Forum.

Thank you for your time and cooperation. The next year should be an exciting time full of new SH6 news. Let's all work together to make sure this section adds to that excitement, rather than irrelevant silliness.

Author:  Droo [ 17 Jun 2010 ]
Post subject: 

Now that the actual trailer is out, the silliness has reached an unbearably spammy quotient.

So I remind you ALL once again that spam rules will be strictly enforced in this section and that repeat offender spammers will have their posting rights revoked and their account deactivated.

Author:  pink_isnt_well000 [ 17 Jun 2010 ]
Post subject: 

I'd also like to add that for the sake of order and space. If you would like to post something and are thinking of starting a new thread PLEASE make sure it wouldn't fit in an existing thread before doing so. This will be of great help to us! Also if you see a thread that you think isn't necessary for that reason please us the Report feature or PM a mod/admin.

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