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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Murphy's past
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Hey guys, I've been wondering about something for a while now. Here's what Murphy has to say about Carol in her bio in the Gallery:

"You used to be my lover, my best friend, my wife. I've never truly understood how you could have forgiven me for all the things I did in my life before we met, and even after. How you came to know me, see me for what I am and love me. Now I need your forgiveness more than ever as I can't forgive myself."

Now, what could Murph be talking about here? I was under the impression that he was essentially a good person before Napier murdered Charlie (I'm choosing to disregard Ending D as it contradicts the entire game), but here he's making himself sound like the world's biggest asshole. Of course, it could just be his guilt talking (he comes across as having a lot of self-hate, which is understandable as he blames himself not only for Charlie's death but also for Frank's), but I just get the impression there may be some darker aspect of Murphy's character we haven't seen, especially as he's referring to events in a period of his life we don't know anything about. We know he grew up in an orphanage, but after that there's a huge gap up until Charlie's murder and him ending up in the clink.

Also, under his own bio, he states "Maybe this horrible place [Silent Hill] is exactly where I've been heading to all these years".

What do we think? Did Murphy do something else to warrant a trip to our favourite resort? Most people do things they later regret, but to have to seek forgiveness from your wife for stuff that happened before you even met seems to indicate something more serious than your average youthful indiscretions.

(Sorry if this didn't deserve its own thread - I just find Murphy such a fascinating character that this has been playing on my mind ever since my second playthrough.)

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 Post subject: Re: Murphy's past

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It's a good question. One should consider that Murphy was incarcerated, presumably for several years, because he stole a cop car. That would suggest that he might have run afoul of the law in the past. Since no real harm was done, a first offender would likely have been ordered to pay for the cop car's tires, given court-ordered counseling, and turned loose.

It is very possible that Murphy did some bad things in his past, but reformed when he met Carol, or possibly when Charlie was born. However, upon losing them, he reverted to his previous, less honorable self. Whether he was a decent person at heart is, in the end, the player's decision.

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 Post subject: Re: Murphy's past
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His inmate record states that he was a model citizen with no history of crime or violence before the incident that lead to his arrest. If he has anything in his past, he never got in any sort of legal trouble over it.

He's also an orphan, so I imagine he was some sort of street rat with a heart of gold or something.

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