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George Sewell
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Author:  MistahJ [ 05 Apr 2015 ]
Post subject:  George Sewell

I find it surprising that we don't have a single thread focusing on George Sewell, so I thought I'd make one. I personally felt like we never got too much insight of his character in the game. We know that
[Reveal] Spoiler:
he was being investigated for "a number of illegal activities in the course of his duties" because of the Internal Memorandum (Guard Investigation) memo. There is also the Prisoner's Letter (1) where Ricky writes to his girlfriend: "And the worst of all are the guards. I swear, there aint a straight fuckin one in the bunch. Just assholes with badges who get their rocks off knocking around the inmates. I always thought getting ass raped by some dude was gonna be what I had to worry about in here. No one said nothing about having to watch my back for dumb ass, crooked bulls all the time." Presumably, Sewell was one of those cops. Whether or not Ricky meant that the guards themselves raped prisoners or that they were corrupt in other ways (or both), is up to interpretation. We also know that Sewell wanted Coleridge dead because of the investigation into his activities, so obviously he was corrupt in some way.
What I want to know is what you guys think about his character and actions.

Author:  Leo Ho Tep [ 24 Jul 2015 ]
Post subject:  Re: George Sewell

I think the way he used people like tools says a lot about him. He's a sociopath with no regards for other people's life.

Author:  Dr. Robotnik [ 09 Feb 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: George Sewell

He's effective as an antagonist, but
[Reveal] Spoiler:
I honestly liked the brief dynamic he was shown to have with Murphy in Ending D. In that ending, he seemed like more or less a genuinely good guy who treated Murphy like the scum he was just to piss him off.

Author:  Don, Aman [ 30 Jun 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: George Sewell

While playing Downpour, I found myself wondering how much of the actual George Sewell we were seeing, and how much was filtered through Murphy's perspective. If he truly was exactly the man shown in the game, he was an irredeemable sociopath, for sure. But we may not have gotten a complete picture, as Dr. Robotnik points out with Ending D.

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