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Is silent hill 3 the worst game in the series?
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Author:  Deer Rest FOA [ 14 Sep 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is silent hill 3 the worst game in the series?

Silent Hill 3 was the last great Silent Hill game for me from the PS2 era. Well, telling a small lie there. It's probably Origins, but I tend to overlook that anyhow. The rest are just okay. Not the story so much, but the horrid gameplay.

4: The Room was really a good horror game, but it just did not feel like it belonged in the franchise, but give or take, the game proved very creepy. Then I just found I got easily massacred in Homecoming because the combat is just horrendously poor. Shattered Memories is not a true sequel for me, and Downpour is strictly so-so. Therefore, that leaves a decade of ups and downs. Silent Hills unfortunately got axed, so we may never even get another Silent Hill sequel.

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