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Streaming play-through for the 10 Year Anniversary
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Author:  crivelliman [ 05 Aug 2013 ]
Post subject:  Streaming play-through for the 10 Year Anniversary

Edit: Been playing for 5+ hours. Heather just arrived in Silent Hill. We stopped by the strip club, and are making our way through the hospital. Thanks to everyone who has been stopping in!

Awhile back, I posted here to share my experience livestreaming a playthrough session for the 10-Year anniversary of Silent Hill 2. A few of you guys stopped in and watched us scare ourselves silly (thank you!), and we want to do it all over again this Tuesday for Silent Hill 3!

This Tuesday marks the 10 year anniversary of SH3's release in North America (8/6/03), and we had such a fun time playing it back in the day. So much fun, in fact, that my best friend and I are going to play through the whole game, start to finish, on Tuesday. And we'll be streaming the game (and our reactions) live on Twitch.TV! We'd love for you guys to join us in the fun! Drop in, drop out whenever you like!

We'll going to hammer out the details and post here with all the details like where we'll be streaming and what time we'll start, if that's OK! But for now, we just wanted to share our excitement for this really fun game.

Here's where the link will be:

Note: There was some confusion about the official North American release date, but the one we're going with is the one GameFaq, SH Wikia, Wikipedia, Playstation Universe, etc. all confirm as August 6, 2003.

Author:  crivelliman [ 07 Aug 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Streaming play-through for the 10 Year Anniversary

Just wanted to say thanks to the incredible SH fans to came by and watched the 13 hour broadcast! Hope you enjoyed, and we'll see you next game! And if you missed it and feel like subjecting yourself to a full runthrough of the game with our commentary, stop by and click on the videos. Thanks!

Author:  phantomess [ 09 Aug 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Streaming play-through for the 10 Year Anniversary

I didn't watch, but that's cool of you to do. For SH2's 10th anniversary I did a celebratory playthrough- I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday. It was awesome because I rarely do a full playthrough at once like that; I usually spread it over a few or several days.

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