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Author:  Nightmare Man [ 16 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Alternative Silent Hill 3...

Does anyone have ideas how a alternative storyline for Silent Hill 3 would have played out including Heather herself? Well I have a idea...

After the events of Silent Hill 1, Harry Mason who is now fearing for his life being hunted down by the cult or rather he doesn't want anything to do with it, puts the new baby "Cheryl" into adoption, and then she is adopted into a stable upper-middle class family (who her new parents are typical business/corporate yuppie types who are liberals) where she now lives a normal life now living as "Heather" of course now in her late teenage years (she's 18 or 19) who probably just graduated out of high school who is in the middle of a summer break before going into college, she's also a goth into wicca or satanism to 'get back at her parents' like all teenagers do (or as a act against conformation that her parents and probably her sister/brother represents who are normal) and of course the main core of the Gothic subculture that she finds beauty in darkness as well which let's just say she has friends who she does urban exploration with, running PnP Roleplaying games like Vampire: The Masquerade and such.

Of course the game then starts out just like the original where she has a nightmare in Lakeside Amusement Park and wakes up in a shopping mall where she was hanging out with her friends and of course she finds the mall abandoned and she goes looking for them which then the storyline plays out normally but instead she finds both of her friends and her adopted family (which they live in a middle-upper class suburban neighborhood near the city instead of a apartment...which of course Harry lives in a apartment which Heather has to locate) slaughtered by the Silent Hill cult who is apparently after for the same reasons as the original game and of course as for Harry Mason, Heather eventually tracks him down and he takes her to Silent Hill which he acts as a replacement for Douglas Cartland and of course the game continues on normally but maybe instead taking place in South Vale, we'll be instead be revisiting Old and Central Silent Hill where much of the original game took place (which means we'll be revisiting Midwich elementary school, Alchemia Hospital, etc) but maybe of course revisiting South Vale to visit Brookhaven Hospital before moving onto Lakeside Amusement Park and then the storyline from there remains unchanged except this Heather doesn't go breaking down after the boss fight with "God" which her personality unlike the final game would be less annoying but more stoic with a few quips here and there.

Of course much like the "Adult Alyssa" thread perhaps I'll post what this is I imagine what the Alternative Heather would look like possibly staying true to the "feminine" appearance that the women in team silent wanted but more gothy.


Then again maybe her alternative costume trouser appearance would look like this: ... -172790590 ... -372722715

Of course the whole theme is someone's stable idyllic 'normal' life with a bright future get's destroyed and they have no choice to face their origins no matter how try to get away from it but of course Heather's goth subculture and her possible tendencies towards wicca/paganism/satanism is probably the smallest hint of her origins as it symbolizes.


Author:  Silent Fantasy [ 16 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

Everything sounds ok besides making Heather a Goth. Not every teen goes through a phase like that, and I do not think even her origins would have that kind of bearing on her. She is already portrayed pretty realistically as a tomboyish regular teenage girl for the most part, and making her Goth would honestly make her very cheesy if it got any kind of focus that actually mattered.
Also, giving Heather any more "quips" than she already has within the game would also bring up the cheese factor beyond what Silent Hill really needs, because Resident Evil this is not. It shouldn't be anyway. I do like some of the ideas, though, like revisiting the areas of SH1 and Heather actually having contact with Harry beyond his death scene. The theme COULD work, but I would have to see how it's implemented beyond what you explained to really have a better idea of that, personally (unless the focus on the Goth thing is needed to get that theme across, because if so, I can just straight up say no), because I do like what SH3 already offers thematically.

Author:  Mephisto [ 16 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

I smell fanfic. And a quite stupid one, I might add.
Fucking rude, I know, but it's the truth. Don't take it personal. Sometimes it just comes out like that. Some party with our stuff, others spit on it... It's just how it goes.

It seems you're just writing things for the sake of writing them. We can't discuss anything about that future of yours because it never happened. We can discuss endless possibilities but it'll lead us nowhere. For example, what if she was never adopted? What if Harry abandoned her and she died from starvation? What if Harry wanted to kill her? (That almost happened) What if a poor farmer found her and... Ah, you get the point.

Plus, it seems you have quite a "fixation" with that Raven character and wishes to overwrite Heather with her. Heather's already a cool character, she doesn't need to change. Not her personality and, certainly, not her looks.

And what? Goth and satanism... Wicca? What the fuck? When teenagers wanted to rebel they waved the rock/punk flag against the state. Plus we're talking about teenagers... I doubt she'd go to the occult in search for answers. She'd probably smoke weed/get fucking drunk like there's no tomorrow and brag about the occult to feel badass around her weird "friends" or you know... Strangers. To feel "different"...

And it's Alessa... :?

Author:  Nightmare Man [ 16 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

Blech, I guess I can ditch the wiccan or satanist idea and go back to the tomboyish appearance perhaps unless making the goth idea work though somehow. Of course those pictures I've posted are more like 'concept art' not a fixation (since she doesn't have to appear exactly like that but similar though) since to be honest I don't like how Heather appeared in this game where she should have been someone designed with trousers as they originally planned but until the women in the team decided otherwise to have her appear "feminine" hence her 'something off' appearance somewhat mainly due to her sleevless pocket sweater/jacket (as a way to have the flashlight in her breast pocket) just to show her shoulders and skirt underneath which is not 'normal' clothing I can tell but then again I'm not familiar with clothes and I'm not so sure they exist but at the same time I don't see teenagers wearing that either.

Of course that's where the goth appearance came from so she wouldn't look so 'off' if they wanted the "feminine" appearance to work (of course the "Wiccan/Satanist" are just a few extras that can be easily ditched) if they wanted her to look like Jill from Resident Evil 3 but a few goth touchups sort to speak.

Author:  Mephisto [ 17 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

I'm happy that this conversation didn't evolved into a senseless fight. And this is coming from someone who likes to fight...
My vocabulary isn't the best and I tend to pick the wrong words often. And I come out as a blunt individual for that. And I just got used to it. As I said, don't take it personal.

But anyway, Heather's clothes have some sort of sex-appeal already. With the mini-skirt and all. If you could put her inside some Goth outfit (or even a Goth make-up) she'd look more sexy than usual. Her boots, for example. They're brown, I believe. If you put a black leather, knee-high boot then bam!

Plus, there's plenty of outfits to choose from if you're not satisfied with the original. Sure, one could argue that they're supposed to add more sex-appeal because you put your finger right in her looks but I prefer to see them for what they are: bonus items.

Author:  Tillerman [ 17 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

I like Heather's original outfit. While it may be a bit garish, I think it looks good in game, works for her character, and is fairly unique. I think she looks feminine without looking overly feminine. However, what makes Heather a really great character design is more the details of her hair and face, which are very distinctive, and I like a lot of her other outfits as well.

I do like goth fashion, however. I like Heather the way she is, but I wouldn't mind seeing a goth makeover or a goth main character in a future Silent Hill. But the example you posted of Raven is a pretty tacky and lazy design, so not something like that.

Author:  Mephisto [ 17 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

I think Tillerman enjoys more the classical nature of the goth subculture. Not the face soaked with a lot of dark and heavy make-up. I'm almost sure that I know what that "oldschool" fashion is but I'm unable to find good female examples. When I search for such things sometimes Google brings Steampunk stuff or just those sluts...

I found that, and by my standards of "classical goth", it is the right thing:

You know Jodie from the cartoon Doug? Clothes like those. Dark but pretty normal clothes.

Author:  911 [ 23 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

A goth ? Seriously ? I don't think it's a nice idea. Heather a goth oh my god...

Author:  AuraTwilight [ 24 Dec 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative Silent Hill 3...

Heather's character design is fine as is. As a goth she just becomes.....EVERY horror movie heroine ever that's not a pretty blonde or a meek japanese girl.

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