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 Post subject: Silent Hill Revelation synchronicity
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There is a concept called audio/visual synchronicity where a piece of video will synchronise precisely with a piece of audio - a music album replacing the soundtrack of a film for example.

There are several recordings of people playing the game Silent Hill 3, and I found that these also synchronise with music albums, the fixed cutscenes and the individual choices, speed of play, mistakes, etc. of the player going seamlessly together as if the whole thing had a fixed script to begin with. (I had written about this previously in another subject called 'Pink Floyd In Silent Hill' or something.)

There is a special story behind the story with both the game and the film version of it, Silent Hill Revelation. In trying different music albums playing alongside the film, I have found virtually all of them have worked so far! Though not all begin at the start of the film (or the start of the album), and some have followed directly after others. This is extremely wonderful to experience. So far I've seen great examples with Abba, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Vic Reeves, The Doors and Coldplay. In fact I don't remember one that has failed to work.

Here is the first one I found...
Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' beginning at the start of the film and album.
I haven't seen this all the way through, as I found an alternative...
Omit the track 'Mother' (Heather is without a mother at the start) and play it after 'Another Brick In The Wall Part 3' instead to end the album prematurely.
Immediately follow with Radiohead's 'The Bends'. The first sound of the album should synchronise with the brief appearance of young Alessa when Heather and Vincent are talking in the motel, then the music begins when the lights start flickering.

Some examples...

"The thin ice" is a frosted pop tart! Which Heather just claws at.

Heather's speech in the classroom...
"We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher leave those kids alone...
All in all you're all just bricks in the wall."

Vincent gives Heather his coat, and she starts to see things again...
"I have grown older and you have grown colder.
And nothing is very much fun any more. And I can feel one of my turns coming on..."

After the 'COME TO SILENT HILL' scene...
"I have seen the writing on the wall."

Everything starts falling apart...
"Everything is broken."

Vincent's reaction to "the demon"...
"You can walk it home straight from school. You can kiss it, you can break all the rules."

Alessa's story is told through the song 'The Bends'...

'TRAITOR' signs, and Dahlia explains the betrayal...
"But who are my real friends? Have they all got the bends? Am I really sinking this low?
My baby's got the bends, oh no. We don't have any real friends, no, no, no!"

Everyone burned Alessa...
"They brought in the CIA, the tanks and the whole marines
To blow me away, to blow me sky high."

But she survived in agony and made strange things happen...
"Just lying in the bar with my drip feed on talking to my girlfriend, waiting for something to happen.
I wish it was the sixties, I wish I could be happy. I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen..."

Finally she becomes the baby to try and live a normal life...
"I want to live, breathe. I want to be part of the human race."

The mannequins...
"Drying up in conversation, you will be the one who cannot talk.
All your insides fall to pieces, you just sit there wishing you could still make love."

Heather can't save one from drying solid, but can save another hanging up...
"Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry."

Immediately followed by 'Fake Plastic Trees' of course.

The religious order members with their breathing apparatus drive away the nurses, then get slaughtered by their random surgery...
"Faith, you're driving me away. You do it everyday.
You don't mean it but it hurts like hell.
My brain says I'm receiving pain. A lack of oxygen
from my life support, my iron lung."

Harry walks off to find his wife, fading away. Then it repeats as other things happen...
"All these things into position. All these things we'll one day swallow whole.
Fade out again..."

Then the album ends the exact moment the film ends.

These can be quite extraordinary to watch, especially if you are aware of the deeper meanings. It's also very trippy. For example I started the film with one album, where Heather was at the amusement park during the dream...

"They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell
I love hearing the stories that they tell
They've seen places beyond my land and they've found new horizons
They speak strangely but I understand
And I dream I'm an eagle."

Then when this same scene repeated again later in the film (except it wasn't a dream this time) a completely different album was playing, and these lyrics were sung, showing how the synchronicity began, but notice how they are exactly the same but a little bit different just like the dream...

"And birds go flying at the speed of sound,
to show you how it all began.
Birds came flying from the underground.
If you could see it then you'd understand."

Try it. It's amazing!!! Some albums may need a little rearranging of the tracks, but most of the time if a synchronicity works perfectly then fails completely, it will merely require the omission of the track that failed, then it will continue working perfectly.

NOTE: During the motel scene, the clock flashing 12:00 is extremely significant. This is the average point when many albums will end and begin again. This is a visual clue telling you that like a clock, after track 12 for example, you simply go straight back to track 1 (though you may choose a different album instead of repeating the same one again). This is very common in audio/visual synchronicity; a close-up of a clock or a watch at the exact moment an album ends and begins again.

"In the end it's only round and round, and round."



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 Post subject: Re: Silent Hill Revelation synchronicity
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Try Nine Inch Nails: The fragile.

They use a lot of sounds in that album that would fit in perfectly with Silent Hill.

Some of their other stuff might too.

A lot of atmosphere which IMO is a lot more effective than finding songs with lyrics that fit. I really don't think ABBA sounds like good fit.

There is a good track called by Aphex Twin called Trees that sounds a lot like SH.

David Lynch's music, very atmospheric and reminiscent of SH soundtrack.

You should make a vid and post it in Indian Runner. :D

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