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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Silent Hill: Constellation!
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Missing since: 05 Dec 2010
Notes left: 59
SPOILERS - Silent Hill Revelation, main film points...

I won't be going into full detail here, as there are deeper meanings both in the constellations and in the film. But basically Heather/Alessa=God. Heather, the weaker one appears as the Lamb of God ARIES. (In opposition this is also LUPUS, being put to death upon the Southern Cross CRUX - which is seen at the correct point in the film before Heather enters the hospital.) Alessa appears as the powerful Angel of God SAGITTARIUS, who are one and the same. But here is the basic story, which is exactly the same as the constellations...

(We begin with TAURUS, but this requires further explanation.)

ARIES, Heather appears, running to the right.

PISCES upside down appears like a closeup of two legs running.

AQUARIUS jug of water pouring upon the fish PISCIS AUSTRINUS
(LEPUS the rabbit also makes an appearance, out of place.)
PEGASUS flying horses on the carousel. Heather on the carousel is now CYGNUS the swan.

CAPRICORN the goats are the two men tied along with the horses.

SAGITTARIUS the archer appears and FIRES! She also appears as the second bird AQUILA, flying towards Cygnus.
All just a dream!

SCORPIO the back biting traitor suddenly appears and stabs Harry in the back.

LIBRA is judgement for Harry, also seen as CENTAURUS stabbing LUPUS in the back.
But it was just another dream! Heather has another chance to save him when the great valve/carousel turns around to this point again later...

VIRGO is Heather lying in bed, reaching out to the Light, which is the Word. Virgo also gives birth to the sun, the Light, the Word, as Heather writes.

LEO the Father is played by Harry. He says, "Happy birth day," to Heather/Virgo. He gives her a gift of clothing. (It's not a standard constellation, but Leo is kicking a crown of stars onto the head of Virgo.)
He has his cup CRATER, and he's going to get his spoon LEO MINOR.

CANCER the crab holds up the two claws, representing a division between the left hand and the right hand. Rose is stuck on the left hand (along with one half of the divided seal) while Heather comes through on the right hand (with the other half).

GEMINI shows people following Heather. First Douglas, then Vincent, then the police. We are introduced to the people, whom Heather thinks are all just "sheeple". The people then start changing into animals. This is shown much better in the game Silent Hill 3...
MONOCEROS = great big beast, with horns (in hands).
CANIS MAJOR = split headed dogs.
LEPUS = harmless rabbits and walking sex organs.
COLUMBA = flying creatures like mosquitos.
The big bus, as well as the car Heather travels in are represented by the great boat ARGO.

TAURUS the ox or bull is a powerful creature. Heather begins to learn about her own power. On one horn she has the magic power Pleiades (seven stars represents the Spirit of God). On the other horn she has the pyramid headed protector AURIGA.
ORION the enemy suddenly attacks, the Heather begins learning more about herself...

ARIES the Lamb was sacrificed, being put to death, but survived. Heather now begins playing the role of the saviour, setting the prisoners free. We have a loop here...
PERSEUS Heather sets free the chained woman ANDROMEDA.
The monster CETUS attacks, the two PISCES divide, Heather goes on, and the woman goes back into slavery.
ANDROMEDA Harry is also seen in chains.
ARIES the crucified Lamb appears.
PERSEUS Heather now holds the key, and goes to Leonard ANDROMEDA in chains.
PISCES represents the two halves of the seal. One has a circle and the other has a triangle, which goes into chained Leonard/Andromeda. The two halves unite together inside him, and he becomes the monster CETUS. Heather takes the whole seal out of him.
SCULPTOR the scyth appears, cutting off people's arms.
PERSEUS Heather goes to set free Vincent ANDROMEDA who is lying down tied up.
PISCES the two split up. Vincent on the left goes back into captivity, Heather on the right goes back to PEGASUS on the carousel.

AQUARIUS repeats from earlier.
CYGNUS and AQUILA unite.

CAPRICORN the goats this time are Claudia's useless followers.

SAGITTARIUS, now united in one faces the traitor SCORPIO Claudia.
Claudia changes into DRACO (also SERPENS) and fights with Heather's protector HERCULES (also OPHIUCHUS).
(To see the outcome, observe LEO MINOR + LYNX)

LIBRA judgement comes upon Claudia instead this time.

VIRGO reaches out to her lover, and unites with LEO again.

LEO goes back to the left hand CANCER to find his wife...

GEMINI the two go off together, and go on the big truck ARGO.

TAURUS the story ends and begins again...


You'll notice many other things. For example, when the "clock" has completed one revolution of 12 Zodiac signs and we get back to TAURUS again, we see a closeup of a clock reading "12:00", which of course then just cycles around to 1:00 and repeats all over again (as we saw).

"In the end it's only round and round, and round."


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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Re: Silent Hill: Constellation!
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Missing since: 05 Dec 2010
Notes left: 59
Now in case you think this is something special, check this out...
I've looked at several films and TV episodes and I've seen it with all of them. I even made my own film which is completely different to Silent Hill Revelation, and that too coincides precisely with the exact same pictures in the same order, though I know with certainty I did not intend it to, because I made it myself a couple of years ago, long before I was even aware of these things.

To give you an example, here's a commonly known film, Star Wars (or "Constellation Wars")...

LEO = 20th Century Fox.

CANCER resembles a huge block of diminishing text.

GEMINI is one group chasing another.
MONOCEROS, CANIS MAJOR, LEPUS, COLUMBA. We are introduced to the variety of people/creatures/robots on board.
VOLANS the little ship enters into ARGO the big ship through the bottom.

TAURUS the ox or bull is an organic vehicle like a tractor, representing the rebel ship.
ORION stormtroopers board and shoot at them.
AURIGA Darth Vader with his triangular head and cape enters on one side of the ship. He's looking for the Death Star plans PLEIADES somewhere else on board.

ARIES is the escape pod which leaps off the back of Taurus, with the plans on board. From inside we see the triangular Star Destroyer as tiny TRIANGULUM above.
PERSEUS a stormtrooper points a gun at ANDROMEDA Princess Leia and shoots her, knocking her down, and she is captured.

PISCES C3PO and R2D2 split up and go separate ways, then unite together again inside the great whale CETUS, the huge transporter.

They get sold to the moisture farmers AQUARIUS with their droid goats CAPRICORN, who give them a wash.
CYGNUS R2D2 flies away, and they get on their flying vehicle PEGASUS to go after him.

SAGITTARIUS Obe Wan Kenobi the hero saves them as DRACO and SERPENS the sand people suddenly attack. Luke as HERCULES gets knocked out, and they get C3PO OPHIUCHUS in the arm...

SCORPIO is C3PO's severed arm.

LIBRA is R2D2 projecting the maid VIRGO, who is also a picture of Luke's family lying dead...

Back to LEO. And on and on...

NOTE: The four animals appear in reality and fiction as these four types...

MONOCEROS the great horned beast = the Freemasons, "Illuminati"
CANIS MAJOR the dogs = the authorities
LEPUS the rabbits = the common "sheeple"
COLUMBA the birds = the free thinkers

The dogs follow the great beast, the rabbits don't see the great beast, they only see the dogs and lie down in submission to them.
The birds fly away from them all, and see all things plainly from above. The rabbits can also see the birds, but usually just ignore them.

Concerning the "Wizard Of Oz" character types common...

MONOCEROS = tin man, big, tough, strong, maybe carries a weapon, sometimes a robot or unemotional.
CANIS MAJOR = scarecrow, usually stupid or shabby, a clown or joker, but also may be aggressive and loyal.
LEPUS = cowardly lion, more peaceful or cowardly, prefers not to fight, may like pretty things or have some nonviolent interest.
COLUMBA = Dorothy, usually the main character and least interesting, a blank slate for the viewer to put themselves onto. Often has some special ability which lifts them above everyone else.

For example with that first Star Wars gang...
The great beast = strong beast-man Chewbacca.
The dog = self serving (but loyal) aggressive scoundrel Han Solo.
The rabbit = Obe Wan Kenobi the peaceful old man who usually succeeds by not fighting.
The bird = Luke Skywalker, our main character, learning the supernatural ways of the Force.

Or with the game Silent Hill 3, Heather's "team" is...
The great beast = Leonard, a powerful monster, but cold and heartless. Turns against her!
The dog = Douglas, shabby and a bit of a joke, but still aggressive and loyal.
The rabbit = Vincent, is interested in reading and perverted things, prefers not to fight for himself, letting others and things do it for him.
The bird = Heather, our main character with her supernatural powers.

"In the end it's only round and round, and round."



Just Passing Through
 Post subject: Re: Silent Hill: Constellation!
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Missing since: 05 Dec 2010
Notes left: 59
This is ancient. For example if we were to take a sequence of events in the life of Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago...

ARIES the Lamb of God tells his disciples to meet him in the house of the man with the water jug (AQUARIUS in the upper room, where PEGASUS meets CYGNUS).
PISCES he breaks the bread, saying, "This is my body broken for you."
AQUARIUS he pours out the cup, saying, "This is my blood poured out for you."
CAPRICORN the goat facing to the left (the sheep go the correct way to the right) is Jesus in weakness not wanting to continue. He asks his disciples the eagles AQUILA to watch over him.
As HERCULES and OPHIUCHUS he wrestles with the serpent DRACO and SERPENS and wins, rising victorious as AQUILA, while his disciples are asleep as the goats CAPRICORN below.
SAGITTARIUS prepares to carry his cross-bow weapon as the back biting scorpion traitor SCORPIO suddenly attacks. Judas betrays him with a kiss, as the deadly scorpion bite looks like a pair of human lips, and is called the "kiss of death".
There is another little physical fight, but Jesus stops it.
LIBRA the scales are weighed down on the left hand as the innocent Jesus is judged and found guilty.
The Lamb of God LUPUS is pierced and beaten by the Roman CENTAURian, and put to death upon the cross CRUX.
VIRGO innocent Jesus lies down dead and is buried.
LEO he arises with power as the King and bites off the head of LEO MINOR + LYNX, destroying the serpent's scheme.

Or if I think about a series of events from my own life...
LIBRA is a tent I pitched out in the wilderness, viewed as triangular from the front with tent pegs sticking in the ground at the corners. It was next to a river, the great water serpent HYDRA.
VIRGO is me lying down in the very low tent, trying to reach out to God above.
CRATER the overturned cup poured out rain upon the land.
LEO the invisible King briefly made himself known to provide the location of my missing tent peg LEO MINOR, impossible to find in the dark wilderness.
CANCER is my tent viewed from the side, as the guide ropes at front and back then came loose from the ground. And we also see the river from a different angle as LYNX.
GEMINI, etc. as I returned to civilisation the next morning.

"In the end it's only round and round, and round."


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