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Author:  JuriDawn [ 02 Dec 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

Only if you aren't killed by the enemies in that room during those few moments. . .

But really, that's good to know. Maybe I can actually save my health kits and just run away to regroup (if I'm lucky and quick).

Author:  jdnation [ 14 Dec 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

So anyone finish it? How is it? Any cool Shattered Memories type deal towards the end that might change one's opinion about the game?

Author:  AuraTwilight [ 14 Dec 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

I'm almost there. I've heard, however, that the puzzle nature of the plot easily justifies multiple playthroughs that manage to keep being entertaining.

Author:  NanayaShiki [ 28 Dec 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

Well my patience paid off and I've finally got my hands on Book of Memories. I haven't gotten all that far yet, just finished fighting the Wood Guardian now. So, here are some early impressions on the game.

From a story perspective, I'm interested. I can't say if it will wind up being amazing or not, but I'm extremely intrigued and that's already a good sign. The game has me analyzing every memo and bit of story, trying to figure out how it relates and what the message is, which is a sign of a good Silent Hill experience, so I'll let that speak for itself.

As for the gameplay, it's an isometric dungeon crawler RPG. If one likes this genre, then this will be up their alley. I'll say, though, that they did a great job giving the genre a Silent Hill makeover. While this obviously isn't a survival horror title (nor does it need to be, as spin-offs going into different genres has always been a thing people accepted) they did a good job applying survival horror elements and Silent Hill aspects into the new genre. Rather than hoarding loot, you'll find yourself searching the areas for a much needed health pack, ammo, or repair kit. It's a nice touch that keeps the series roots in mind while also experimenting with the new genre.

There are some things that don't click perfectly for me yet (the puzzles are mostly lackluster so far, the bosses seem kind of underwhelming and generic, and the very nature of the genre demands a bit of repetition), but the good far outweighs the bad so far and I'm looking forward to moving on further.

Also, I'll just say it, it's cool to be able to play a Silent Hill game with my friend, and I think the co-op was handled decently. It's sometimes annoying when said friend hogs all the items and money but I feel like this is an intention design choice as opposed to a flaw. Considering there are areas you can only do in single player, the co-op seems to be intended to be supplementary, so one shouldn't be relying on it. But anyone wanting to play some areas with me, feel free to hit me up on my PSN. I've posted it before, but it's (much to the dismay of an older me than when I made it): AntiExistence.

Author:  Yuki [ 30 Dec 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

I'll be ordering it online within the week--I'll let you guys know when I get it, in case you want to play together. :)

Author:  thy_butcher [ 02 Feb 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

Ok, I picked up BoM today. ... 5966183784

Keep in my mind I'm not very far at all (not killed 1st boss), but I like it quite well so far.
+ The visuals are better than I expected.
+ The combat isn't super easy. Weapon & health management lend a bit of strategy to the button-mashing madness, as do the behaviors of different monsters.
+ The notes and the broadcasts are very fun to discover.
+ BoM's zones are randomly generated, right? That's awesome.
+ Forsaken Rooms.

- I really liked creating my character (& I especially adored choosing my own "charm"), but the options are very limited. I want to choose individual torso/leg/footwear pieces rather than selecting entire preset outfits.
- Memory Residue is a fine currency, but having it look like gold & such is goofy.

Author:  Dale2231 [ 03 Feb 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

I brought a PS Vita today and downloaded the Book of Memories demo.

Firstly, BoM isn't a bad game. It is, however, more prominently a dungeon crawler with some Silent Hill elements. It reminds me of those levels created in Little Big Planet where they splashed some rust colouring on the walls, threw in some nurses, maybe a guest appearance by Pyramid Head, and called it Silent Hill. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to unlock the full game, but here's what I think so far:

+ The graphics are decent.
+ Running around, exploring rooms and killing monsters is surprisingly enjoyable.
+ Small touches, like the classic sound effect when picking up items, and homage weapons such as Sword of Obedience, are present.

- I know it's what dungeon crawlers are about, but this could've done without the EXP, "level up" and collecting treasure business. I would've liked to be completing more Silent Hill based tasks, like searching for well-hidden objects, notes and keys.
- There isn't much variation in the soundtrack.

Author:  thy_butcher [ 03 Feb 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

^ Speaking of the soundtrack...
I'm a bit further in the game. I think the music is hit & miss.
Some of it is great, while others are very bland.

I find the songs of "special occasions" to be very enjoyable. Examples: The music for Libraries, your room, character edit screen, etc.
But the endless looping tracks for the zones are so-so to unsatisfying.

@Dale2231, I picked up BoM new at Gamestop for $30.
I fully expected to drop $40, but I'll not turn down a $10 discount.
I'm sure the digital version is more expensive than that.

P.S. I like how the game explains very little about its mechanics.
It doesn't tell me exactly what my stats do, it didn't tell me what the charms did, it doesn't tell me to pick up one karma or both, etc.
I feel like I'm really going at it myself.

I would've liked the access of a "Hub-World." Your apartment room. It could've been like SH4's room or been of similar use as the Stray Sheep in Catherine: A place to check emails, make calls, watch TV, play "Red Pyramid Rally"

Author:  Leo Ho Tep [ 20 Feb 2013 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

I just bought a vita, and the first thing I did was download BoM's demo. I liked it, and it's obvious i will buy the full game. It's not gorgeous, but it's nice enough, the soundtrack is good, and the gameplay mechanics are interesting. Granted it's not a classical SH game, but as a spinoff in a different genre, I think it may prove to be a worthy addition.

Author:  Lifetolifeless [ 02 Sep 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

If I squint and pretend I'm just looking at a generic action game, it's playable, but not great. Just a silly game with kooky monsters running around. Certainly doesn't do the IP any service.

Author:  Scyron [ 24 Nov 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Got It? Post Your Impressions Here.

The game is alright. I think there are better dungeon crawlers that have better level design (random levels) but for what it is worth, I like Silent Hill, so I see it as good enough of an effort. It could be a lot worse.

add me on psn if you wanna explore the otherworld.

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