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Author:  PoemOfTheLastMoment [ 16 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

It's Hideo Kojima's birthday, as in another hint of his involvement in Silent Hill!

August 24 1963 is his birthday!

20-4 (24)- August(8)- 63 (1963)

7780 is the surface area measurement of the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Shizuoka's nickname is Silent Hill in Japanese. The forest area in the PT promotional picture is a staff member's backyard.
[Source: Kojima Interview Gamescom 2014]

Author:  Leo Ho Tep [ 18 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

I don't think the whole "this teaser is not representative of the main game" is entirely true. I'm sure the narrative will play a part in the main story. We may not play Norman Reedus, but his story will probably be important. Downpour toyed with the ideas of the different silent hills already. I'm sure we'll see how it can work here.

Author:  Mantorok [ 22 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

I actually kinda figured it was his birthday because when I saw that on the wall I realized it looked similar to my own mother's birth date. Then I remembered that he and my mother have the same birth date. I probably wouldn't have realized it had I not known that it was SH before I tried the PT and that Kojima was involved. Then I went on google and realized that a few others had the same idea so I figured that was what it probably was.

Author:  Droo [ 22 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

It's code for the name "Jarith" apparently. ... Socialflow

Author:  XXXIII [ 23 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

As for the date idea, judging from the photos you see in the hallway it could be taking place sometime in the 1960s.

Author:  unreadphilosophy [ 24 Aug 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

^That can't be. The secret radio transmission that was decoded a few days ago references the War of the Worlds broadcast that took place over 70 years ago. As for the couple, they may have chosen to get married at an early age.

Author:  ShadowBaby [ 08 Aug 2016 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

I have a theory I don't know if anyone else has presented.
I confess my familiarity with Japanese is limited, so feel free to correct me. I worked this out with a Japanese-English dictionary, Bing translator, and My Japanese Coach on DS.
And I realize I may just be applying meaning in hindsight.

Going on the idea that the numbers are a Japanese anagram, I noticed that the vocalization of the numbers had a deliberate pause rendering the numbers as: 2048 63.

The first part, 2048:
2 - ni
4 - shi => ninshin = pregnancy
insertion of 0 negates it, making it a non-pregnancy, or abortion.
8 - hachi => ha(wa) = topic particle

First part translates to: 妊娠中絶は (Ninshin chuuzetsu wa) = The aborted pregnancy.
Incidentally, shi also means "death", which is why the number 4 is considered unlucky in much of Japan.
Could be plot related, or an analogy for the cancelation of the game.

So far I haven't figured out the last two digits.
63 => 666 = evil?
Abortion is evil? Abortion of evil?
Canceling the game is wrong? ... a deception?

6 does appear to be a prominent number in PT. 6 loops through the hall to open the bathroom, 6 numbers transmitted on the radio... Are there others?

Author:  Deafnproud [ 14 Mar 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

To the person who said judging from the photos it looked like the setting would be in 60s. It would be awesome, the Silent Hill before the whole Alessa thing, maybe the man who killed the whole family was the very first person affected by the evils within Silent Hill? The Only Me is Me, are you sure the only you is you? Maybe it suggest that whoever 'you' is (Norman Reedus?) may not be the whole person, maybe hes possessed? Maybe he have split himself like Alessa? Or have Valtiel or others in subconscious like Walter? Not the whole himself but have something inside him?

Thats my pick on it. Really gutted it was cancelled, Silent Hill in the 60s would be freaking awesome to play.

Author:  Alexius Corvinus [ 21 Mar 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion: 204863

There was a digital alarm clock in PT. How could it be set in the 60's? Unless PT is set after what Silent Hills would have been.

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