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 Post subject: Ending of the PT - Future prediction of Kojima?

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Guys, I saw some comments on YouTube, and I was thinking myself...

Don't you guys think that the ending of the game it was a prediction of Kojima about his future on Konami??

Let's check it out...

" Dad was such a drag "

DAD = Konami

"Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games, Yeah he was just that kind of guy."

This part could be a referral to DAD ( Konami ), which were only making the same games in the last years ( PES and MGS series )

"But one day he goes and kill us all! He could'nt even be original about the way he did it"

This part is clearly a referral to DAD (Konami), who "killed" (fired) everyone from their staff.

"I'm not complaining, I was dying of boredom anyway"

This part is a referral that they were bored, because they wasn't working with many things on the last years.

"But guess what, I will be coming back. And I'm bringing my new toys with me "

Clearly a referral that Kojima was going to another company, coming back, with new "toys" (features,people,staff..)

What do you guys think??? To me, it's very clear... Kojima KNEW that he was going to be fired from the company, and made this to troll with everyone... Maybe that's why KONAMI took it out from the PSN??

Man, Kojima is a genius.... Hahahaha....

PS: I'm from Brazil and my english is not that good, I hope you guys understand what I want to tell, sorry :>


Historical Society Historian
 Post subject: Re: Ending of the PT - Future prediction of Kojima?
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Yea, no. I doubt it.

BlackFire2 wrote:
I thought he meant the special powers of her vagina.


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 Post subject: Re: Ending of the PT - Future prediction of Kojima?

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It has been pointed out. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes even had missions that alluded to the idea that Kojima Productions was in danger of disappearing alongside the memories of Kojima's Metal Gear games.

Kojima's been known to include these kinds of personal reflections about himself in his games. MGS4's war economy can be hinted at with regards to the console wars, and even one of the live-action videos at the start with the chef cutting up a snake with a quick cameo by Kojima seems to indicate Kojima's distate for what he's doing to his series post-MGS2/3.

In fact, a lot of MGSV really seems to scream out about some internal problems between Kojima and Konami if we're reading into it.

That said... was P.T. and the closing monologue an indication of the current state of affairs? (Kojima going solo)

I don't think so.

For one, at the time there was absolutely zero indication of Kojima leaving Konami, especially when making a demo that would be an announcement of a big partnership with Del Toro on Silent Hill. Though for certain Kojima has long hinted diplomatically in interviews about his displeasure with the current state of affairs at Konami.

With regards to P.T. it's most likely that while 'Dad' may in fact be referring to Konami. The person/people who are being killed refers to either Team Silent, or to the Silent Hill Franchise in general, or to the horror game genre. If the latter, then 'Dad' could also be referring to the general games industry.

I would most likely see it as referring to the latter, with 'Dad' being the general games industry, and the victim being the horror genre, which is either the 'Amnesia/Slenderman' sort or the 'Resident Evil 4/5/6 / action shooter horror' sort. A typical mould that has gotten stale, and in a sense the industry prior to this had long considered the horror game genre 'dead', something arguably they themselves had killed, which may also include Konami.

Kojima and Del Toro are bored of this and therefore want to bring about a brand new reinvention of the genre.

The one who is 'coming back' therefore refers to the 'Silent Hill franchise.'

The 'new toys' then referred to Kojima's pride and joy, the 'FOX Engine.' And may perhaps include himself, Del Toro, Reedus and Junji Ito. The latter who are persons outside of the games industry and therefore also 'new.'

Indeed now we can in some way read into it this in an analogy to Kojima's current doings. But this would just be a coincidence, as Kojima would never have bothered initiating P.T. and Silent Hills announcement if he knew what would've happened only a few months later.


Rosewater Park Attendant
 Post subject: Re: Ending of the PT - Future prediction of Kojima?

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Well, if you want to read the games like that, you can. You've obviously gathered enough evidence, but I have my doubts, still. Occam's Razor and all that.

You could say that he was subconsciously adding those elements to the stories he wrote, since he was experiencing things like it. Sure. Maybe. But otherwise, I just don't see him doing that consciously.

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