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 Post subject: silent hills pt may have an alternate ending!!!!

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I may have proof that there is a secret message in pt that no one has seen before. Whoever still has it on their ps4 turn it back on and enter this mystery with me. I have successfully activated certain events in game using the "Konami Code". I'm sure people have tried using it but when I used it backwards something strange happened. I need help trying to figure out what this means because it could be that Kojima left us fans something behind!!


So here's what I did. I successfully figured out how to activate the multi colored flashlight on command by looking at the radio and using the konami code backwards. Something flashed across the screen very tiny and offset to the center of the screen. It was a few words I have never seen in pt before and I've played it and beat it a dozen times. So I did the konamiccode and went through the hall and to the door and the flashlight turned blue. I repeated the process and it consequentlt returned the flashlight to normal. I was able to repeat this and changed the flashlight to red,green,yellow, and blue. What does this mean??? Why would kojima put a seemingly useless and random effect in a game unless it has a purpose. I will look further into this but let me know if anyone has success in activating the color changing flashlight. I know pt has been dead for about a year but this thing I discovered really screwed with the game and weird things happened after I used that code. Help me find out what this means.

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 Post subject: Re: silent hills pt may have an alternate ending!!!!
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The color changing flashlight happens regardless of whatever you try to put in. It's a completely random effect.
Kojima was surprised that someone had 'solved' P.T. in a day, when he expected it to take a week or so. If anything was still left to discover, believe me, it would have been.

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