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Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc?
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Author:  hippo0789 [ 18 Mar 2017 ]
Post subject:  Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc?

Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc? :idea:

Many of us here have P.T. on our PS4's including me. But has anyone heard of any hardcore fans putting the demo onto a disc? I know people have created "box art" and stuff, but has anyone else taken that extra step? Has anyone even heard of anything like this? ...And how hard would it actually be to transfer P.T. onto a physical disc? P.T. was not a large file... It was under 2GB if I remember correctly, it should be simple work. And of course the disc would HAVE to work... I'm talking about putting the disc into a brand new PS4 with NO recollection of P.T. and STILL having the disc work instantly. This entire concept interests me. The main reason I am talking about this is because P.T. is the greatest "game" ever made, and it still deserves to have a "disc copy" even though it was a demo. Back in the day I was hoping that Konami would AT LEAST release a "boxed copy" of the demo, as a parting gift. And of course... that didn't happen either.

Author:  Kenji [ 03 May 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc?

(lucky bastard)

I think without using some sort of homebrow OS on the PS4, it would be very difficult, since a disc seems to just be an access key or (at most) a bundle of highly compressed files. To tell them apart, I'm gonna turn off my Wi-Fi, next time I install a game, just to see what happens. Either way, there's no difference in the number of gigs Dark Souls 3 uses on PC and PS4*, despite my having a disc for the latter.

So, unless someone understands the way game data is compressed on those wafer-thin Blu-Rays, as well as how to emulate it in such a way that can fool the PS4, I don't think it'll be possible... especially since P.T. has never been compressed that way, to begin with.

*Note: I have neither DLC for Dark Souls 3 on PS4, so this is a statement I can't yet back up. It's very possible that the disc contributes up to 4GB to what's on the hard drive.

Author:  jdnation [ 08 May 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc?

I believe the PS4 will still need to have it registered as part of your downloads. There is a way to still do that as the data still exists on PSN, but you have to use a roundabout method. Some I believe do have it backed up to a USB key as part of system backup data. So technically if you know somebody who did that and had them do a restoration on your PS4 it might work, unless the backup data also requires the same registered PS4, or in case your PS4 is not registered.

A PC data dunp has been done and people have even found unused assets etc. on it.

This enemy in particular is actual from the SIlent Hills TGS concept trailer Kojima showed.

Some have already swapped out the models into MGSV for PC.

There is even unused audio data:

"You! What did you do? Right in front of everyone. I'm putting this on the news, you psycho. Murderer."

"Send him on his way to heaven, by your own hand. It's not too late - if you act fast."

So your best bet would be if someone manages to emulate PS4 on PC and get this to run.

Author:  warfare315 [ 10 May 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Has anyone tried putting P.T. on an actual disc?

I truly wish I was able to play P.T.... I watched it once I'd heard they were no longer even allowing downloads of it. Makes me wish they at least made promo discs or something for PT. They'd be worth a lot now!

I don't even have a PS4 yet. Xbox One and Switch, though.

No game cancellation actually makes me truly upset.... besides Silent Hills. Damnit!

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