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Kojima's recent tweets.
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Author:  Alexius Corvinus [ 06 Sep 2017 ]
Post subject:  Kojima's recent tweets.

"Can doors be opened? Who else walks down the hallway? How does player feel at this moment in the game?"

A sample of Hideo Kojima's more recent tweets. Of all of the analogies he could have used for game design, he had to go with the hallway. Guess what game people will associate with a hallway? P.T. He knows exactly that people will associate his analogy with that game.. It's like he's throwing salt in the wounds and rubbing it in our faces. The teasing was a bit tongue in cheek at first, but now it's getting annoying. With this, recent photos of him with Junji Ito at KojiPro, and him saying DS is not a horror game, I'm starting to think he's just doing all of this to get a reaction from people.

We get it, Kojima. You created P.T. and you are done with horror.

Author:  phantomess [ 06 Sep 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kojima's recent tweets.

I'm not particularly concerned with Kojima. I have a certain level of respect for him but I don't worship him like a lot of people do. And from what I saw of PT, it wasn't Silent Hillish or particularly wonderful. That plus slapping Norman Reedus onto it made me kind of start mourning for the series before Silent Hills was even canceled.

Sorry, just being honest. I've become brave enough to be more honest about that now than I was at first.
*Waits to be killed by an angry mob of fans*

Author:  Alexius Corvinus [ 07 Sep 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kojima's recent tweets.

I actually agree. I think even The Evil Within 2 might be more true to the Silent Hill series than PT was.

Author:  Kenji [ 09 Sep 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kojima's recent tweets.

Some of the statements Kojima has made about Death Stranding worry me. The idea of there being no losers smacks of a David Cage statement. Moreover, this is right on the heels of my leaving the 2017 season of Twin Peaks sorely disappointed. It's making me wary of "gods."

What I saw of P.T. was very interesting, had a refreshing indie vibe to it. Never got to play it, 'cuz I waited for the white slim model to come out in Japan before getting a PS4. It featured none of the Silent Hill standards or tropes, but that was okay, since Silent Hill wasn't explicitly associated with it until the very end.

Really, at this point, I wish the series had ended at 3. Again, off the heels of Twin Peaks and Dark Souls 3, it really is better for things to end on a high note instead of being dragged down into the dirt.

Author:  jdnation [ 11 Sep 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kojima's recent tweets.

I believe his statement about there being "no losers" is related to things he's said earlier with emphasis on cooperation and also some new way of using the 'death' state in games.

This was also evident from an article he did talking about the movie Dunkirk, where Nolan did not make a typical 'war' movie, but rather a movie about 'escape.'

Similarly Kojima mentioned how Konami told him to make an action game, but the concept he came up with was one where 'hiding and stealth' was the emphasis.

Given that he's mentioned that he wants to do something similar with Death Stranding where he wants to do something new with genre convention, he is probably referring to changing how we think about the state of death or failure in gaming.

I suppose it's similar to Cage's deal where the story keeps going even if a character fails, but Kojima likely is referring to gameplay mechanics rather than story. Given the idea behind Death Stranding is basically being stranded in some kind of afterlife, the concept of death might work differently, along with the concept of preferring the 'rope' to the 'stick' in an action game.

It's probably something where you have to convince your enemy to come over to your side. But this is also likely optional much like how when stealth fails in MGS you have to come out shooting, but ideally you progress better by following the main mechanic of cooperation as you would stealth.

Something like that...

Author:  Jonipoon [ 07 Oct 2017 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kojima's recent tweets.

I also didn't think P.T. was "typical" Silent Hillish, but then again sometimes a video game series needs to reinvent itself to stay relevant. This is why I love Silent Hill 4: The Room, for example. It tried something new, while still staying true to the atmosphere and horror of the series.

P.T. was neither first nor last with "first person horror", but it managed to gain the attention of not just the whole gaming community but actual mainstream media as well. What it did to the horror genre in general was remarkable - it inspired hundreds of game developers (to better or worse) to create their own versions of P.T. For instance I've never heard my friends mention the Silent Hill games, but when P.T. was at its peak many of my friends mentioned it totally out of the blue. Like "Have you heard about the new P.T. phenomenon?". I think Kojima deserves some praise for creating such an iconic marketing campaign, that had never been done before in video game history.

Nevertheless, we have no idea what Silent Hills was actually going to be like, but I highly doubt that it would have been a first person horror game. P.T. was nothing more than a "playable teaser", a side project that Kojima and del Toro realized could be used as a marketing campaign to announce a new Silent Hill game.

Like, why even use motion-capture if you're making a first person game? I think we can safely assume that Silent Hills was going to be a classic third person game at its core, with only certain parts of the game being in first person. The them of the game was going to be something along the lines of "being stuck in an endless loop", which was emphasized with the "S" of Silent Hills symbolizing "8" or "∞" the symbols of eternity. I think as far as survival horror goes, it would've definitely made for an interesting Silent Hill game.

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